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@IGreet_Co Cards Specializes in Animated Augmented Cards for all Seasons and Occassions


Many leading developers and enthusiast in the mixed reality arena are predicting Augmented Reality(AR) to be the dominating immersive interface sometime in the future. One possible reason for this belief is simple, it will allow digitally interacting with the natural world a lot more seamless.

Imagine having AR glasses that would take place of having to fidget with your phone, which frees up your hands for other things while checking through your message with the swiping of your eyes or sound of your voice. Or how about bringing inanimate objects, such as cards to life.

This is exactly what IGreet Cards is providing. IGreet is an Bulgarian company that specializes in animating cards through augmented reality. By downloading their app and putting the card in screen’s view, you can view unique animations from various cards. Cards can be ordered through their app, which then you can pick up at your nearest Walgreens or through online the store, Zazzle.

They offer a range of interactive cards, including Love cards, Thank You cards, Congratulation cards, Christmas cards, Birthday cards, Baby cards, etc. IGreet also host various contests for design artists to join, such as the Easter & Flower’s Day Contest(April 2016) and Love Design Contest (February 2016). Their latest contest involved the Summer season, in which people can submit photos or videos of their best Summer experience, in order to win a AR card tailored for the winner.

If you want to add a little spark to the cards you give to your friends and family, definitely check out IGreet’s selection of cards. You can also connect with IGreet via Twitter @IGreet_co.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts on augmented greeting cards with a comment below:)

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