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Illusio: Augmented Reality Pioneer for Plastic Surgery

The medical industry is one industry that is always looking for the latest in cutting-edge technology, to improve patients faith and satisfaction regarding surgeries. It is the one industry that is the held most accountable when it comes to human life. Which is why autonomous robots have been implemented and tele-present doctors have had adoption amongst leading medical centers. With that said, augmented reality has found it’s footing in this extremely important industry. Specifically plastic surgery.

Illusio was co-founded by Ethan Winner (Chief Executive Officer), Dr. Kyle Song (Chief Medical Officer), and Jeffrey Stone (Advisor). Each team has their own respective expertise, with Ethan Winner specializing in reputation and brand management, Dr. Kyle Song being a pupil of world renown plastic surgeons, and Jeffrey Stone with enormous experience in private equity and investments. With this trio’s combined experience, they have set forth on another venture to bring augmented realities capabilities to the medical industry with Illusio.

Expecting their software to aid different types of surgeons, they are primarily showcasing their application with breast augmentation. Which is a great start, since this procedure can be very daunting for a lot of women, to decide whether to simply have a breast lift or increase their breast-size to a D-cup. With Illusio pioneering software, plastic surgeons can now show their patients the augmentation of their breasts, before performing surgery or relying heavily on “before & after” pictures of other women. This also allows the patient to review the surgery with their spouses or friends, to make sure it is the right fit for them.

To get set-up with Illusio’s app, surgeons simply need a tablet and a tablet stand. Once the rear camera has the patient in view the surgeons can start with digital augmentations. The apps user-interface is intuitive and simple to use. For plastic breast surgeons have access to options such as “sag and lift”, nipple scaling, nipple placement, cleavage size, breast volume and roundness options. Before they tinker with those options, they can match the skin tone to the patient, with life-like textures. The software is not just limited to breast surgery, can be used in other applications, such as face lift, eye surgery or rhinoplasty.

So when it comes to the new interface, augmented reality, it’s applications go far beyond mobile advertisements and gaming simulations. It can also be used to create trustworthy patient/doctor relationships, and provide a great and enticing visit to the doctors office.

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