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Image Metrics: Pioneer in Facial Recognition Technology Utilized in Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications

Image Metrics is a pioneering augmented reality company, founded in January 2000 by a team of computer scientists in Research & Development. With over 60 years in combined experience and 6 patents, they specialize in “breakthrough technologies based on computer vision, facial analysis and facial recognition.” Their proprietary software is able to, in real-time, recognize human facial expressions and emotions “with nothing more than a camera on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.”

Image Metrics team consists of Ron Ryder (Chief Executive Officer), Dr. Kevin Walker (Chief Technical Officer), Nick Ramsay (Vice President of Production), Dr. Mike Rogers (Vice President of Research). The board consists of Dave Rolston (Chairman), Pete Norris (Director) and Ranjeet Bhatia (Director). Through their dedicated efforts and collaboration with one another, they were able to provide sophisticated software to both elite expert animators and interested companies.

Image metrics has a long history, stretching back at the beginning of the Twentieth-first century. One of their early adopters was Sony Computer Entertainment of America. They utilized Image Metrics technology in the game “The Getaway,” in 2002. Since then, over 40 AAA titles, such as Red Dead Redemption, Halo: Reach and GTA IV have took advantage of Image Metrics facial recognition technology. They’ve also developed FaceWare to continue assisting animators in developing photo-realistic human features for production.

Optasia Medical was created from Image Metrics core computer vision technology, To aid physicians in the medical industry. “Optasia Medical aids physicians in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.” For people who like wearing face-paint, Image Metrics collaborated with companies (such as Nissan)  to create augmented reality face-paint masks. If you are a sports fanatic, you can use your phones camera to overlay digital face-paint of your favorite sports team on your face to share on your Twitter or Facebook.

They continue to offer and enhance their proprietary AR tech to assist developers in creating photo-realistic animations through facial recognition. You can partner up with them and check out what they are all about on their website. With the unparalleled software Image Metrics has to offer, it is no doubt they are a pioneer in the emerging virtual and augmented reality industry.

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