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Immersive Gameplay propelled by Vertigo Studios

Virtual reality(VR) has enabled a new level of gaming experience. It is basically a gamer’s dream come true. Being able to dive into fantastical worlds or have visceral multiplayer experiences is now possible. This is the metaverse brought to fruition. Immersing people in their own worlds. Ernest Cline’s book, Ready Player One, provides an excellent blueprint for this immersive medium. Now it’s time to populate the virtual space to enhance the gamer’s experience. Many studios have already jumped on board immersive gameplay, creating mind-bending and captivating worlds.

Vertigo Games After The Fall Cinematic Trailer

Accelerating the adoption of immersive gameplay

Vertigo Games is one studio leading in immersive gameplay. The VR studio sports a diverse team of expert talent operating in The Netherlands and Los Angeles. “Vertigo Studios mission is to create cutting-edge, high-quality VR games that offer unrivaled immersion, realizing the stoutest dreams of gamers everywhere.” Their VR games can be found on the Oculus Store, PlayStation and Steam. Koch Media recently acquired the VR studio, bringing award immersive gaming to a wider audience.

Arizona Sunshine trailer for Oculus Quest

VR games exemplified Vertigo Studios

Most VR players have encountered their platinum selling post-apocalyptic VR game, Arizona Sunshine. Up to 4 players are isolated at the Grand canyon, fighting off hordes of relentless zombies. The more players that are isolated in this desert, the more zombies come after them. Players can enter campaign mode for a complete adventure. Campaigns feature different environments, ranging from zombie scorched landscape to taunting dark mines. Its a perfect VR game for any newcomer of immersive gameplay.

There’s also the critically acclaimed VR puzzle game, A Fisherman’s Tale, letting players become part of Bob’s lighthouse adventure. Its a brain twisting, mind-altering journey as Bob climbs the lighthouse. There is a major storm being broadcast on the radio, which prompts Bob to head out and turn the light on at the lighthouse. As the lighthouse watcher tries to do so, he realizes things aren’t as expected. The player is responsible for guiding Bob’s actions and reach the lighthouse before the Big Storm hits. Reaching the lighthouse is key to unlocking the truth behind the fisherman’s tale.

Still in development, After The Fall is a raging fight for survival in the city of Los Angeles. Nearly 2 decades after a mysterious outbreak, Los Angeles is ravaged by horrifying Snowbreed. Players have an immunity from the substances caused by the outbreak. It is now their job, in co-operation with other players from across the world to eradicate the Snowbreed and take back the city. To fortify their endeavors, players have access to modifiable gear, capable of mass destruction. When players encounters spine-numbing bosses, they’ll have the tools to get the job done.

Ghost Patrol VR for VR Venues

Immersive gameplay for location based venues

Vertigo Games can also be found in VR arcades and family entertainment centers. They release games through their VR development and distribution platform SpringboardVR and HAZE VR. HAZE VR allows entertainment managers to operate VR experiences at their venues with a tablet or PC. SpringboardVR is their other VR solution with the added service of education-based VR experiences. Arcade players can dive into Arizona Sunshine, Ghost Patrol, The Corsair’s Curse and various other fantastical immersive games. Vertigo Games VR experiences is already implemented in a increasing 700 arcades and theme parks, with over 15k licenses in 40 plus countries. Arizona Sunshine is Vertigo Games most played location-based VR game.

The studio not only produces high-fidelity immersive gameplay experiences, but also institutes a separate department dedicated to the publication of VR games. Vertigo Publishing accelerates the the development process through funding, marketing strategies and distribution of VR games. “[They] offer funding, technical solutions, marketing support, and certified publishing” and are happy to consult tailored needs. Yannis Bolman, CEO at Little Chicken Game Company, states “In Vertigo Games we found the ideal partner and publisher for Traffic Jams.”

No doubt Vertigo solutions is the go-to service for producing and distributing captivating triple A VR games. And no doubt they will go down in XR history as pioneers and groundbreakers in the realm of virtual reality. One day you’ll peer Around Your Screen to find them a household name. Thank you for reading!

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