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Impulse Gear has Developed ‘Farpoint’ which utilizes PSVR Aim Controller and IKinema Runtime for VR

It is pretty cool to see game development studios experimenting with new ways to cement players in their digital environment through virtual reality. It seems the hardest part has been accomplished and that is fooling our eyes into believing we are in a different world, which in turn fools our body into reacting to objects and characters that aren’t physically there with us.

One studio that is implementing new techniques to compliment VR headsets, such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, goes by the name of Impulse Gear. The independent studio was founded in 2013 with the sole purpose of developing core immersive games to help define the future of VR gaming.

They have recently announced their VR flagship game ‘Farpoint’ coming to Playstation VR. Farpoint takes place on an unknown planet where your character is part of a research team, searching for an anomaly in space. Your journey starts off with you trying to find your colleagues on the planet to relieve them of their shift. As you track their footsteps, you must survive against strange spiders and menacing robots, as well as search for a limitless source of energy.

One of the techniques they used to immerse the player in the game, comes from their partnership with IKinema. IKinema is a motion capture studio which allows developers to bring extra realism to in-game character motions. To aid in immersive VR entertainment, they released IKinema Runtime for VR, which eliminates the ‘Invisible Man Syndrome’ and allows players to see the actual body they inhabit. Farpoint will be one of the first games to utilize their VR mocap software.

Impulse Gear has also partnered up with Sony to experiment with different peripherals specifically made for virtual reality. Since Farpoint is a first-person-vr-shooter game, the studio is utilizing PSVR Aim Controller, which basically looks  like a geometrical shape with a ball at the end. This allows the player to actually feel as though they are holding the actual in-game gun. On cool minor aspect about it, is that when you let one of your hands go from the controller, your in-game character does so as well.

Of course as time goes by and more people obtain their own virtual reality headset, more genius techniques of engaging or immersing the players in CGI worlds will be invented. Farpoint is coming exclusively to PSVR for now, though they have not revealed a release date. You can connect with Impulse Gear through Twitter @ImpulseGear.

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