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Inition: Tech Solution Company

Innovative minds can be found anywhere, anytime. Innovative teams are always on a journey to discover breakthroughs in human knowledge and abilities. Through their journey, innovative teams inspire other people to follow their own aspirations.

One such inspiring team is based out of London, with over thirteen years in experimental  and “installation-based experiences that harness emerging technologies with creative rigor.” Inition has “been augmented reality since 2006, printing in 3D since 2005, and creating virtual realities since 2001.”

Their Shoreditch London spot houses the Demo Studio. This is were the magic happens and where businesses interested in the latest tech can come and experiment with the latest technology to find inspiration for their own projects. The studio is packed with leading digital tools that comes from Ascension, Oculus VR, Polhemus, Alioscopy, Dimenco, Planar, zSpace, and other leading tech companies. Inition’s provides solutions for clients in the “property, healthcare, oil and gas, automotive, architecture, fashion and retail, producing ground-breaking creative installations.”

The inspiring collaborative team at Inition consist of Stavroula Avgerinou (3D Artist), Patrick Slodzinski (IT Support Engineer), Riess Phillips (3D Developer), Lee Spooner (Senior 3D Artist), Maryke Botha (Sales & Marketing), Peter Collis (Technical Manager), Jun Shimoda (Senior Artist), Kevin Stafferton (3D Developer), Lisamaria Laxholm (Receptionist), Katie Grayson (Producer), Jessica Driscoll (Producer), Jay Short (New Business & Sales Director), Eugene Philips (3D Technology Engineer), Dhipal Pithava (Assistant Management Accountant), Dan Munslow (Producer), Campbell Goodwille (Technical Producer & IT Manager), Amy O’Brien (Office Adminstrator), Allan Rankin (Technology Consultant), Alex Lambert (Creative Director), Michelle Cook (Commercial Director), Adrian Leu (Managing Director) and Stuart Cupit (Technical Director).

With so much talent and skills concentrated towards producing creative solutions for virtual projects, it is no wonder way leading businesses such as Xerox, Shell, Swiss Development Group(SDG), Open Health, Costain LTD and Toshiba come to them. If you need a virtual/augmented reality set-up that utilizes haptic-feedback, Inition is always welcoming businesses to come visit their Demo Studio. But if you want to learn more about Inition without having to make the trip, go ahead and visit them at https://www.inition.co.uk/.

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