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Ink Hunter: Helping You Decide the Right Tattoo Through Augmented Reality

For most of us, getting our first tattoo is a big deal. For those who already have a tattoo, trying to envision if your next tattoo will compliment the rest on your body can be a brain exercise. Couldn’t there be an app that allows you to see what a inked design would look like on your skin? Thankfully there is an augmented reality app you can download, that can overlay a holographic tattoo on your skin, before you make your decision.

Ink Hunter is ran by a team of four which includes Oleksandra Rohachova as CEO, Pavlo Razumovskyi as CTO, Iryna Petrunko as UX/UI Developer and Olesya Ponomarenko as iOS Developer. Through their collaboration, they were able to create an app that can overlay a virtual version of the tattoo you’d want to get.

The app and it’s augmented reality capability is pretty simple to use. To track the area you would like to apply the tattoo, you simply draw two parallel lines with a perpendicular line underneath the two. In other words, a ‘Square Smile.’ After you’ve drawn out the tracking image, you can choose from gallery of designs or implement your own custom made design.

Each design in their virtual gallery is connected to a reputable tattoo artist that can deliver the desired results. Ink Hunter wants to monetize their app with referral fees. Meaning, that each client the app provides to an artist, the studio may provide a 5-10 percent cut to Ink Hunter. But for now, the app is free to download with in-app purchases.

As stated by Jennifer Passas from PSFK.com, “InkHunter could easily become the best second opinion you rely on before you ink and also a great resource to connect you with the best artist for your design.”

With the implementation of augmented reality, it shouldn’t be such a big deal when deciding what your future tattoo would look like on your skin. Ink Hunter is available for download in the Apple Store, Windows Store and Google Play. You can learn more about the app and it’s ambitious team by visiting their website.

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