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@InnerSpaceVR Creates a Surreal VR Experience based of French Composer Paul Dukas Titled ‘Firebird: La Peri’

I’ve recently wrote a post about games originally made for two-D interfaces being redesigned for virtual reality. But how about transforming a original piece of music into a full on VR experience. This is what VR developers of InnerSpace VR, one of the first dedicated VR production studios, has done.

Innerspace studio is powered by dedicated developers who have been creating VR applications, even before Facebook’s acquirement of Oculus Rift started to materialize the reality of VR to the public.

Following the release of the HTC Vive, the studio developed a experience based of a musical piece from famous French composer, Paul Abraham Dukas ‘La Peri’, into a magical VR adventure titled ‘Firebird: La Peri.’ As you enter the surreal environment, you become Iskender, an aging king who is seeking the ‘flower of immortality.’

As you, the prince, try to find the ‘flower of immortality,’ you must steal the sacred petals from the guardians who puts on a spiritual dance protecting the flower. Once you’ve surpassed each guardian, the spirit La Peri comes out to dance, afterwards you must make a very crucial decision: Sacrifice the ‘flower of immortality,’ or sacrifice La Peri.

Firebird: La Peri has received numerous awards, including Best Interactive Experience at Kaleidoscope 2016 World Tour, the VRScout Art Show, the Golden Headset at Paris Virtual Film Festival and award at Official Selection Valves Booth.

In RoadToVr’s review, Paul James praises InnerSpace VR’s creation saying “Sharing space with the beautifully motion captured dancer, who forms the centerpiece of the experience, elicited some of the most powerful sensations of presence I’ve ever had in VR.”

Overall, if you own an HTC Vive, this is one of those experiences that’ll utilize the full capabilities of your space and touch controllers. In the relaunched title, you now gain access to a magic book, which provides more depth to the story and get to hear the story narrated in John Rhys-Davies voice. Firebird: La Peri can be purchased on SteamVR for $10, so go ahead and try it out.

Thank you for reading! Let me know your take on Innerspace VR with a comment below:)

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