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InnerVision: Immersive Puzzle-based Game Pioneer

Tony Davidson started InnerVision to create his game named Ethereon. He first worked with VR experiences more than twenty years ago. So once he heard the Oculus Rift being released and the short arrival of commercial virtual reality head mount displays such as the Oculus Rift, he felt compelled to hop back into the game of VR experiences. That was more than two years ago. Because of the positive reception he received from his experimental VR game, he went on to create Thunderbirds with his son. Which has been recognized and awarded at the Vision Awards.

Tony has a unique perspective when it comes to gaming itself. Most would agree that fast-paced shooter games or massive-multiplayer online role-playing games is not for everyone. Some people prefer a game that  allows them to explore the environment in depth and solve puzzles along the way. This reminds me of the earlier style of Tomb-Raider, but for Tony Davidson it is reminiscent of Myst and his earlier involvement in Riven. The goal he wants InnerVision to achieve, is to bring back the slow-paced puzzle games, that has been overshadowed by fast-paced competitive games. Why he believes this style of gaming will be revitalize is because of the immersive nature of VR. And because solving puzzles and such requires a little more brain power than hunting the enemy down, allowing players to focus more on the art, beauty, and ethereal nature of the VR experience.  That is why he knew he had to jump back on the VR train when the hardware capabilities was finally maturing.

He moved to Oregon to live as cheaply as he can, clocking in over 90 hours a week in the past three years. Tony re-learned VR development, staying dedicated to bring a dream-like world to be explored by people. Ethereon was a true learning experience for him, allowing him to refine his skills and bring his son along to bring a game so ethereal and mind-boggling, that it forces you to just stand still in one spot and just gaze at the beauty and intricacy of the puzzle-based dream-like world. Yes, I’m talking about the Vision Awards winner, “ThunderBirds.”

With the few minutes of gameplay released, you can tell Thunderbirds is designed for players to gawk at the art and beauty that VR can facilitate. Even the grand sounds when opening doors or unlocking puzzles, creates a since of awe. You may even find yourself forgetting about the objective of the game and just sit and look around in wonderment. Because of Tony’s tight-lips of the game and limited footage of the environment, you’ll have to wait til the game comes out, to experience the art  of virtual reality through Thunderbirds.

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