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@InstaVR Develops a Content Delivery System for VR Apps Created on their Streamlined Platform

Many businesses have yet to utilize the leverage next-level interface virtual reality has to offer. One reason maybe because they have yet to realize it’s potential or maybe they do not have a high budget to hire VR developers. Though this shouldn’t deter any business from utilizing streamlined VR development platforms, such as Viar360 or Thinglink.

This brings me to InstaVR, another virtual reality content-creation app businesses can use to leverage virtual reality to promote their brands products and services. InstaVR is a web-based platform that implements a drag-and-drop method to place stereoscopic images, 4K 360-degree videos, relevant links, etc. in your VR environment.

After the VR app has been created, the app is published on different platforms, such as Oculus Home or Google Cardboard, through their content delivery network, keeping the amount of data-space the app takes up as small as possible. When published, social engagements as well as a heatmap (provides data on where and what viewers are looking at) can be obtain to tweak the VR app accordingly.

In order to make publishing to different VR distribution platforms hassle-free, InstaVR takes care of this, by adapting your app for Apple Store, Google Play, as well as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR headsets. Essentially this means lowering costs & time, and increasing exposure.

They have came up with several use-cases for utilizing their streamlined platform, such as for education, promoting automotive vehicles, showcasing real-estate, pre-viewing tourists locations and more.

Carlos Parada from Smithsonian American Art Museum states, “InstaVR offers a simple to use yet powerful creation tool, with many great features.” AECOM’s Visualization Manager, Stephen Paul also praises them, saying “InstaVR allowed us a fast and effective way to reach our audience across multiple platforms.

On a end-note, InstaVR is a fast and simple solution for brands to showcase their services and products on next-level media interfaces at a very low cost. So if you have a small business or major corporation, go ahead and learn more on instavr.co or connect with them on Twitter @InstaVR.

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