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Integration of Artificial Intelligence

When we think about intelligence, it usually something we hold exclusively to humans and other select animals. We are not absolutely sure what makes a human brain intelligent, since the brain itself is still a mysterious space still being explored. But one component of intelligent behavior is the ability to make logical decisions. Essentially how we establish face-to-face credibility with one another is how logical we “sound,” therefore rating one another’s intelligence. When it comes to computers, we automatically presume them to be intelligent things, by how logical they operate. Though that’s a discussion all and in of itself. What I want to show you are the cool machines in existence today that mimics human intelligence.

ECHO A.I. for Autonomous Home

As you are aware, there are businesses pushing for home automation, from Google’s Nest to Xetal. Now Amazon has released a device that’ll deliver a personal assistant right in your home. The ECHO will be able to connect to your smart devices, submit orders online, and provide you the local weather. It even comes with voice command, allowing a more seamless user-interface. Ask it to buy “Divergent,” and it’ll add it to your shopping cart. You can ask ” Do I need a coat today?” and it’ll provide you a answer. Even ask it to cook dinner for you, and you’ll have a meal prepared. Okay, maybe not. What this device does benchmark, is the integration of artificial intelligence into homes, that’ll deliver a “intelligent” or logical response for your command.

Robotbase’s Personal Robot

Another benchmark device is Robotbase’s Personal Assistant. It started off as a Kickstarter campaign, that aims at making a mobile autonomous assistant. It is equipped with “built-in Z-wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Wifi,” which will allow it to connect to IoT gadgets. The RPA utilizes APIs like facial recognition, object recognition, and speech recognition. You can control the robot via Android or Ubuntu operating systems. Essentially a geared-up mobile device that can take orders via speech. Maybe it’s not a fully humanoid android servant, but it’s a step closer to that reality.

Keystone’s Artificial Intelligence

Who could really use a robotic personal assistance are seniors. Though they have another type of A.I. that provides them better care. It is no doubt, nurses at senior homes could use better tech to monitor the elderly. Keystone stepped in to provide a better system for senior homes to utilize, to reduce infections, heart attack incidences, and falling. Keystone developed a A.I. that’ll collect data on individuals habits and behaviors, to help “prevent negative health events such as falls, pressure ulcers and heart attack,” and false positives. The system can even distinguish between the elder and visiting family members. A very reliable tool for caregivers. This could possibly be installed in your home, giving you analytics about your daily life. But for now, this A.I. is built for senior living.

A.I. machine learning for businesses

In addition to A.I. helping out the seniors, it also aiding businesses with customer relations. Building a customer relationship is important for any business looking to make a profit. By utilizing machine learning, businesses can experiment with different methods to interact with customers, and learn which ones provide the most desirable results. Inevitably providing increased customer retention and companies reputation. Click on the link above to see the diagrams mapping out the customers journey using machine learning.

Final Thoughts

Artificial Intelligence may not reach human intelligence anytime soon(though maturing of quantum computing may speed it up), it has definitely influenced the way we interact with each other and our digital devices. It is a very convenient to speak into your computer, and it can understand and perform the task you ask of it. It’s great, though scary, for businesses autotomized methods for increasing customer satisfaction. Even senior injuries are being reduced by machine learning. If A.I. has advanced this much in modern times, future generations may have the luxury of just asking their home to order groceries and have it delivered and put away without them leaving the couch. But that’s what dreams are for.,, right?

How do you think A.I. is changing the way we live?

As always, From Around Your Screen.

P.S. Have you ever wondered what computer’s dream of: Deep Dreaming A.I.

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