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@iQagent Provides Augmented Reality(#AR) Tech Solutions for Industrial Use


Believe it or not, but we are entering a new age of interfacing and consuming data. With intricate modifications of cameras, digital screens, micro-chips, gyroscopes, accelerometers and other crafted hardware/software, has enhanced the way we interact with the virtual and digital world as we know it.

Within a few years, mainstream would’ve discovered and embrace with confidence, the real and absolute benefits of virtual and augmented reality. Though for now, there is one company who deserves recognition for leveraging this tech for industry purposes.

iQagent is a leading developer of award-winning app, which allow ground floor workers to view various points-of-interest via augmented reality(AR) or displayed digital overlays of data within physical environments. The app works with QR codes installed on locations, such as motors or production lines, which enables tablets/smartphones streamlined process to view real-time data, with a more intuitive interface.

This is extremely useful for engineers, maintenance staff and production supervisors. Now instead of wasting time searching for information on equipment and such, iQagent saves time(a.k.a. money), giving instant access to relevant info. Their software works with various systems, such as Linux, Windows OS, Ubuntu, Rasberry Pi and iOS.

There is a demo, showcasing how the app performs and features. For companies who decide to implement their AR system, have the option to have an iQagent agent install the system. They’ve also connected with trusted resellers globally, including GTSoft Oy(Finland), Wunderlich-Malec Engineering Inc(USA) and iQuest Inc, who are willing to work with industries to understand their needs and help find the right solution through iQagent’s AR technology.

Being a leader in AR tech for industrial use, undoubtedly iQagent’s will only get better, especially with the major investments being put into immersive interfaces. Researchers studying the mixed reality marketplace are even predicting AR to surpass VR, in terms of mainstream adoption. But for now you can check out their blog or follow them via Twitter @iQagent.

Thanks for reading! Let me know you thoughts about augmented reality being used for industrial use with a comment below:)

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