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Iris VR Inc. : Technolust

Video games can arguably be the most entertaining thing since the first commercial television appeared in the mid 1900s. Now in the modern day, Virtual Reality could be the most entertaining device since first video games appeared in 70s. It is without a doubt, with companies like Intel racing to keep up with Moore’s Law, and Samsung increasing pixels per inch on digital screens, that video games have become cutting-edge experiences. Personally, I cannot remember a day where I was without a console, and not plugged into a digital world. So it is pretty exciting to see how Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays will change the way we game and when VR headsets become mainstream. But enough about the brief history of gaming and more about a company who is pioneering in virtual reality gaming.

Iris VR Inc. is a next-level virtual reality development company, that creates true ‘presence‘ in digital created environments, aimed towards gaming. In short, they are pioneers in immersive gaming. To demonstrate their 20 years in game development, ranging from titles such as Grand Theft Auto & N+ and platforms that run on PC & mobile devices, they created their flagship game, “Technolust.”

Before we get into what Technolust is, lets recognize who is part of this successful VR company. Iris VR Inc. core team involves Blair Renaud( CEO, Creative Director, Marketeer), Chris Abell( Video Director & Motivator), Jaclyn Smith(Administrator & Quality Control), and Quinn Renaud( Intelligence & Inspiration). In order to create cutting-edge VR experiences, the team partnered with Quantum Capture( Specializes in Photogrammetry), Occupied VR( Specializes in Cinematic VR & Trans-media experiences), Origin PC( Specializes in Hi-performance gaming PCs), Oculus VR( Specializes in VR HMDs), Sony, and VR Bits( Specializes in VR gaming). These strong partnerships allows for Iris VR Inc. to create entertaining and compelling virtual reality gaming experiences.

Which brings me to the wonderful world of “Technolust.” The game was first introduced as a Kickstarter campaign, with a successful 1,489 backers pledging over sixty-four thousand dollars. The world takes place in a Dystopian landscape in the early 21st century. It was through the advent of 3D printing “replicator technology, virtual reality neural implants, and corporate control of these technologies. This spurred a resistance comprising of “the hackers, the pirates and the phreaks. This is their world now. The world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud.” The environment is inspired by ’80s and ’90s Cyberpunk fiction like Robocop, Blade Runner and Neuromancer. The gameplay itself is story-driven.

The main story revolves around the resistance and their efforts to take down the corrupt corporations. Though you can also relax in your digital chamber and watch a movie or search for Easter Eggs and mysteries to be discovered. One cool aspect of the game, is the mini-games embedded within it to bring this world to life. This includes Scanlines (La Noire style gameplay), /Kerser/ (obstacle course style gameplay) and Thought Crimes (think of Minority Report’s security). It is set to be released when Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR become available.

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