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Is Being “Connected” Making Us Less Sensitive to Our Environment?

We are living in a age were we rely on online connectivity to fulfill our social and business needs. We enjoy the pings and alerts of social updates and new deals from our installed apps. A good portion of our days are spent performing activities on our phones and or researching subjects of interests on our computers. For young generations, it is hard for them to imagine a day when newspapers was how news was delivered or using the mailbox was a way to deliver a written message. Now in modern times a message can be delivered at the speed of light in the palm of your hands. Heck, even a picture can be delivered instantaneously. Young generations use the web to find jobs, research topics, and provide updates on their daily activities and thoughts through online sites. But now in a age were being “connected” is commonplace, are we becoming less sensitive to the environment around us?

I love video games and it would hard not to find someone who is or who knows someone who is a avid player of games. The main reason I love playing video games, is it provides me another form of social entertainment. Before the proliferation of the internet, I remember my brother and I sitting in front the same television, trying to show off who’s better in Mortal Kombat. We would be at other people’s houses, and the gaming system was the social connection for us young kids. We did not bother, going outside to for physical competition, unless our mother told us to. The gaming system was way much better. There were new places to be explored and new abilities to unlock and new bosses to be defeated and a journey to be completed. There was no time for outside fun until our gaming responsibilities were complete. The digital world, was way better than actual reality.

This obsession with video games, led to interacting with the world like a virtual world. Now being past childhood, I still have a obsession with games, but what really keeps me coming back to the virtual worlds, is social connection. The ability to test out skills, talk about random topics, and make social connections with distant people. This makes being out in the real world for social activities less relevant. Which in turn, less sensitive to physical social interactions. So when I think about whether being “connected” has made us less sensitive to the environment around, videogames is how I stay “connected” and what desensitizes me.

The phone, with its big screen and sound alerts, it’s hard not to provide this device our full attention. With friends and friends of friends constantly updating their social pages, fiending for a online comment, it’s hard not to tune into the profile. And shouldn’t your friends know what you’re doing throughout the day, or a funny meme you’ve come across, or a cause you feel worth supporting. Shouldn’t they see you in your new outfit or a selfie of you standing in front of your resturant you just went to. You have to be connected. Honestly, you probably do not want to call your friend to see how their days going and just look on their online social page. So when I think about how games keep me sucked into playing through new dlc’s or new updates, it makes me think of how social media, through it’s constant new updates from friends and families(and sometimes random people) can keep sucking us into these “connected” virtual environments, desensitizing us from physical social interactions.

This is still my opinion. Do you believe being “connected” is making us less sensitive to the environment around us?

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