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Jaunt VR Develops 360 Degree Camera System for Immersive Media Content

It is no doubt virtual reality comes with some pretty incredible uses. One such use-case is the ability to be virtually transported inside a film. Granting you better insight into the story and the environment. It could also allow you to become a character or simply be a ghost viewing from a distance. Besides being transported into films, you’ll be able to visit live concerts or visit distant places in virtual reality. What makes immersive film possible, live VR concerts and panoramic view of foreign locations, is through the use of a 4D camera.

This brings me to the Jaunt Company. Conceived in 2013, by founders Jens Christensen (Chief Executive Officer) and Arthur Van Hoff (Chief Technical Officer), their main objective was to allow people to travel to any destination, at anytime for a brief moment. As is the definition of the word Jaunt: “A short excursion or journey.” The dedicated heads helping with the companies success include David Anderman (Chief Business Officer), Cliff Plumer (President), Koji Gardiner (VP Hardware Engineer), David Khan (VP Product), Prabha Krishna (VP Operations), Miles Perkins (VP Market Comms) and Simon Wynn (VP Cloud Ops).

Though their is a plethora of experience to power the success of Jaunts VR operations, they needed the hardware to produce media in virtual reality. More specifically, a 360-degree camera system. This led to the creation of Jaunt ONE. Jaunt ONE was developed with 2 years of extensive research and development of immersive video capturing systems, which led to two configurations of Jaunt ONE. The 24G (suited for low-light and fast motion objects) and 24R (suited for hi-res and time lapse).

Each camera system is comprised of 24 individual modular cameras, placed in a spherical configuration. The system is also equipped with 360 degree audio capture system. To edit media captured by the cameras, editors have the Jaunt Production Tools at their disposal. This includes error checking, uploading recordings, organizing video/audio files and Jaunt’s proprietary light-field based stitching algorithms. Jaunt ONE is not currently commercially available, with only Jaunt’s partners having access to their VR camera tech.

With their developed film capture system, multiple artists/developers have utilized their system. Ray LaMontagne produced a kaleidoscope VR film for his song, “Hey, No Pressure.” The Zoolander franchise produced an VR experience titled “Zoolander Infinity,” which featured Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) showing off on a runway. The VR documentary series, Holy Land, transports you to the Middle East “to observe the confluence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.” All of these films and more, utilized the expertise and camera system of Jaunt.

To make scouring for VR entertainment much easier, they’ve developed their own app, which allows users to browse through a selection of VR films. These experiences can be played on mobile VR headsets, such as Samsung Gear VR, or PC VR headsets, such as Oculus Rift. You can discover film, music, sports and various other media for your entertainment. With partnerships across the globe and dedication to developing hi-quality VR media, Jaunt expansive library of films will only get bigger.

The team is making sure that virtual reality has a stronghold for mainstream adoption. With hi-end 360 degree camera system and VR films being added to their app, by the time most get their own VR headset, their will be more than enough content on Jaunt, which will allow people to take a brief jaunt to distant destinations and immersive stories.

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