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@JauntVR, Conde Nast Entertainment & 30 Ninjas is Developing First-ever Episodic Action-adventure #VR Series “Invisible”


What is the future of storytelling? How will we experience character archetypes that has filled the very essence of stories in a new and profound way? We have listened, read and watched, but with the rise of virtual reality, we will immerse ourselves in the very world’s that has pushed our imagination and Mind’s eye to new limits. This is exactly what JauntVR and their partners have been doing, and now with their latest project, they are making another headway into the future of storytelling.

If you don’t know, JauntVR is a leader in immersive films and creator of 360 camera Jaunt One, which their community uses to create hi-quality immersive stories. They have partnered up with Conde Nast Entertainment(CNE) and 30 Ninjas, to bring about their latest project, “Invisible.”

Launched 2013, CNE has over thousands of videos in their portfolio, as well as received numerous rewards, including Producers Guild Award and nine Tellys. 30 Ninjas, founded by Julina Tatlock and Doug Liman, produces interactive VR experiences, which has received Social TV Grand Prize, Emmy Awards and won one Shorty. Pretty impressive partnership, meaning “Invisible” will definitely be a treat for the VR consumer.

Invisible is the first episodic action-adventure series, developed specifically for virtual reality. The series follows a prominent, yet secretly supernatural, New York City family, the Ashlands. Their supernatural abilities, like invisibility, is passed down through generations. With this, an very exceptional child is born, which catches the public’s interest, putting the Ashlands secret in jeopardy.

With so much to accomplish, Julian Tatlock outlines the various questions they’ve had to ask during development, like “What can we write for VR? What tells the best story and how can we push the technology so that we break people’s expectation? Everyone else is concerned with defining the rules of VR. We’re fascinated with the invention.”

President of Jaunt Studios commends the project stating,”Episodic series such as INVISIBLE are the future of mainstream VR content and will make waves attracting ever growing audiences. This partnership also ensures that Jaunt will continue to remain at the forefront of premium VR content production and distribution.”

Invisible is definitely an experience some of us have been waiting for. It isn’t just accessible to hi-end VR HMD owners but can be watched in 360 when download JauntVR app on Google Play or iTunes. Since this adrenaline-inducing show is an series, you can expect more episodes on the way. You can keep up with JauntVR’s latest developments via Twitter @JauntVR or @30Ninjas.

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