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JBKnowledge: Augmented Reality Building Information Models IT Solution

JBKnowledge is a specialized BIM (Building Information Models) software company that “develop information technology solutions for construction and insurance companies around the world.” The company was brought to existence in 2001, while the co-founders where finishing up their University degrees.

James Benham (Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder), has developed IT solutions since the age of 11 years. He also received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting in 2001 and Masters of Science in Management Information Systems in 2002 from Texas A&M University. Jim Benham (Executive Vice President, Co-founder & James Benham father), has directed five companies in the past 32 years. His immense experience revolves around “manufacturing and service companies,… extensive financial planning and management.” Sebastian Cost (Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder), gained his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2001 from Nicholls State University. He directs JBKnowledge team of designers and developers for products and services.

Under their command, Jennifer Heninger (Administrative Director), Diego Heinrich (Product Division Director), German Maurino (Services Division Director), Pablo Landriel (Creative Director), Liz Welsh (Marketing Director), Mark Fly (Support Director), Adam Denno (Strategy Director) and Mike Bentley (Network Services Director) help bring JBKnowledge products to life.

So what are the IT solution JBKnowledge provide for the construction, manufacturing and insurance industry? SmartBidNet provides a streamlined “pre-construction process from prequalification to bid invitation.” General contractors are able to work with subcontractors, through a centralized online portal, on big details and project documents. SmartCompliance utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology “to scan, analyze, store, and search certificate documents and data for complete risk management.” This provides authorized users a streamlined approach for managing vendor certificates of insurance. SmartInsight, their latest IT solution, is a “web-based dashboard (that) helps construction businesses securely maintain and share operational, risk management and project qualification data to find more projects that meet their skill set.”

The JBKnowledge software that I want to bring up to the forefront and that also stabilizes them in the future of immersive interfaces is SmartReality. SmartReality is an mixed reality “mobile app for construction project visualization.” It is considered the ultimate BIM interface. Through a immersive interface or tablet, the application transforms 2D representations of construction details and plans into a full-scale 3D model. This makes it convenient for users to share and collaborate with a complete 4D visual of the project.

Contract Construction CEO, Greg Hughes, recognizes SmartReality as a way “to capture the attention of audiences who historically were unable to comprehend two-dimensional plans.” Standish Design classifies SmartReality “as a paradigm shift in the Architectural, Construction, and Project Management Profession which meets the ultimate BIM interface.” JBKnowlegdge also partnered with Mortenson Construction, HOAR Construction and Turis Systems to flesh out and sharpen their augmented reality information technology BIM software before its scheduled release, sometime in 2016.

SmartReality showcases one advantages way that augmented reality can benefit businesses. It makes collaboration and sharing of ideas, much more intuitive. As well as provides a solution for people who have a hard time mentally visualizing 2D images in 3D. This is extremely important for engineering and architectural designs. You can learn more about JBKnowledge SmartReality Solution on their website.

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