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Just A Thought: Reason AR will have Mass Adoption II

Augmented reality is a unique concept. Merging the reality of our natural surroundings with our digitally created environments. But isn’t this just another gimmicky idea for consumers to buy? What makes this the next evolution in human technology advancements? The reason augmented reality is the next advancement in human interaction is the reason computers, and smartphones have become so.

Have you ever heard of your Mind’s eye? The word itself is self-explanatory. It is our mental place that materializes images from our memory and imagination. Or as Wikipedia would say, “The human ability to… ‘see’ things with the mind.” At this very moment you are using your Mind’s eye to visualize the idea I am conveying. Even though it is a effective tool in perceiving the world, it is just a little blurry. Being able to call on memory and imagination to create mental constructs of images can be unreliable at times.

For some people, when they buy a television the want to know the width of the T.V. stand to make sure it can be supported by the surface they want to put it on. But this information is sometimes not displayed on the box, losing a business out on a sale. Augmented reality can change that. Instead of traveling to the store to make a decision, you can make the decision right at home. You can access the companies digital catalog of their products, place the product in the desired place of your home and decide whether or not it is a fit or not. Leaving you from having to rely on your mind’s eye entirely.

For my entertainment I am going to detail how AR will impact the way we interact with the modern world. I can remember when I used to have the blackberry installed with the lit trackball and believing that was the greatest thing ever! But then I started to wonder what would make the cellular phone even better. Yes we had limited access to the web and auto-correct/word suggestion to make sending messages faster. But how about more screen space? Or tapping your screen instead of tapping buttons? Why not have full access to websites designed for our cellular phones? Then behold, the brave new smartphone! This nifty concept revolutionized the way we communicate and share ideas with one another.  In 2016, it is no easy task to find someone who doesn’t own a smartphone. It is almost taboo not to have one.

So exactly how will a AR gizmo take over the ever-present smartphone? First the tech will be smoothed out and refined for consumer use, using coders, engineers and related professionals. While the tech is being “perfected,” marketeers and AR enthusiast will spread the rumors about augmented reality being the next greatest thing, putting more urgency on leading companies, to create a elegant AR eye-ware and unique AR experiences. The very first refined devices, will be released to developers and expert AR enthusiasts to showcase these gizmos potential for everyday use and functions. With a big following already around AR potential and big money, with the AR market to enter the multi-billion dollar range, companies continue to invest in the development for these gadgets. That what has been happening this past decade. We were seeing incremental developments in the design, function, and experience in augmented reality.

Truth is, when it hits mainstream, it will not be purely about it’s function or the many things you can do with it. Because people will be aware of the general concept of augmented reality. It will be about style and class. It will be a gift sharing ceremony during Christmas and a thank you gesture for your most important employees. And just like any other mass adopted tech, it will be the AR hobbyist and enthusiast who will showcase their newly obtained gadgets in person, to their friends, family, co-workers, and random strangers, creating the excitement and mass appeal for AR devices. Soon the average Joe will find their own use for AR. Then the cycle continues. More enthusiasts and hobbyist are born, spreading the news of the future. To the point that AR headsets will become a everyday commodity, becoming what the smartphone is today.

Final thoughts is, the progression of tech and achievements performed  by humans cannot be halted or stop, even if its slow down. Eventually the more efficient tool will take place, putting extinct the tools of the past. One day we will see augmented reality as just another important step in the evolution and progression of humanity.

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