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Justin Wasilenko: The Developer of End Space VR

End Space VR is a space-arena styled game, where players go to war with extra-terrestrial beings. More like the space-ships of extra-terrestrial beings. The game was developed solely by Justin Wasilenko from Nelson, British Columbia. He’s obtain some of his programming experience from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, majoring in Web Development.

Once you fly through End Space VR vast and detailed environment, you’ll understand that he has definitely put his programming experience to the work. To bring more immersion to the game, Justin implemented spatial audio to recreate the way humans actually hear sound. For instance, sounds coming from the right side will have a tiny latency reaching the left ear compared to the right ear, which brings a much more intuitive feel to the game.

There are three different space environments to fight waves of enemies. You’d have to survive as long as you can as each wave becomes progressively harder. To assist you in the endless waves of spaceships, you’ll have access to powerful upgrades for your ship and weapons. After you’ve died, your score can be shared with your friends across social networks.

Even though the game was originally built for Google Cardboard, it is available for the iPhone and in works for compatibility for Samsung Gear VR. You can download the game on Google Play and Apple Store for under $1.50.

“Justin started with zero knowledge of game development or C# programming, but with a goal of showcasing what is possible with a Cardboard box and a lot of ambition.” Now his game has been talked about by the Virtual Reality Reporter, WEAR VR, Mr. Cardboard, RealoVirtual.com and so on.

Besides his ambitious development for End Space VR, he also blogs about various subjects related to virtual reality. This can range from topics, such as making your Gear VR compatible with the Google Cardboard to spotting a fake Samsung S6. Through Justin and his related partners involvement in VR media, it is no doubt will be seeing more of his handiwork for years to come.

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