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Komplex Live Cinema Group’s “Komplex 28”: Surreal and Mysterious Urban Storytelling through Augmented Reality

The Komplex Live Cinema Group has pushed the boundaries of storytelling with augmented reality. They are part of the L.E.B. FILM Group, which is an Italian production company that produces media (such as film, music videos, TV commercials, etc.) for different clients. They are also partnered with ITER-RESEARCH and 2LP PRODUCTION. Mariano Equizzi, Luca Liggio and Paolo Bigazzi lead the company, as well as created the one-of-a-kind augmented reality story, “Komplex 28.”

Komplex 28 is a story that revolves around secretive, powerful organization that has infiltrated the technologies of their citizens to maintain control and power. This takes place in the urban city of Turin, Italy. It has a surreal, noir-esque feel to it, where you are essentially a detective, trying to uncover the secrets and conspiracies hidden within the city. It can be likened to the movie “They Live!”

The story itself is not told in a linear fashion, but rather forces the reader/explorer to travel to different locations to uncover pieces of the story. These pieces then come together, uncovering the truth, mysteries and corruption hidden within the city.

With the help of Aurasma’s Augmented Reality interface, they were able to bring Komplex 28 into the physical world. Aurasma is a streamlined way for creating AR applications. As stated by Mariano Equizzi, “The Aurasma platform revealed augmented reality to me and I immediately grasped its potential for a storytelling platform.” Mariano was able to stitch together the different pieces of the story, by utilizing Aurasma.

When you include the immersive nature of Komplex 28 and the surreal AR art posted across the city brings to the table a different level of storytelling. The style of art can be identified as “Monty Python meets CyberPunk and finally a stir with conspiracy theories.” Interesting dialogues of text accompany these surreal AR images, truly immersing you in the story and compelling you to play detective and learn about the conspiracies hidden within the city.

Mariano Equizzi wanted to see what boundaries he could push for storytelling when he was introduced to Augmented Reality. Deriving influences from everywhere, Komplex 28 is meant to be a experimental and experiential way of immersing people into a world within a world. Komplex 28 can be defined as abstract and surreal use of augmented reality. Komplex 28 is another example in why and how augmented reality will be adopted by the mainstream audience. Go ahead and learn more about this immersive story and the Komplex Live Cinema Group on their website.

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