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KPIT Technologies: Pioneers in Engineering Solutions for Cities

Being able to meet the needs of a large-scale society is no easy task. A regulating entity has to be put into place for maintaining the economic fluctuations of civilizations. There has to be adequate city infrastructure that enables energy management, water management, environment control, healthcare, education, housing, and public safety. To meet these demands, thousands of people have to be employed to perform such upkeep. Now in the twenty-first century there is a increasing demand to meet growing cities. “Information technology(IT) is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to…manipulate data,” to increase effectiveness  in different industries from Medical and Energy to Construction and Logistics. IT is very crucial for understanding market flow and human activities. Most businesses invest in this data to enhance market performance. Though IT is proven to create more profitable companies, can this information be used to make social economies more efficient. Can it be used to improve city transportation, water waste, and energy efficiency?

KPIT Technologies believes this is possible. Co-founded by Ravi Pandit and Kishor Patil( both are Chartered Accountants by profession) in 1990, the company is a multinational Indian corporation with it’s office registered in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It is also stationed in across sixteen countries with 10 development systems and thirty-four offices that employs more than 10,800 people. Since it’s start, KPIT has been awarded several awards recognizing their achievements in tech-innovations and owns fifty patents. Their core values is compacted into a nifty acronym, CRICKET: Customer focus, Respect for individual, Integrity, Community contribution, Knowledge worship, Entrepreneurship & innovations, and Teamwork. These key values is what allows KPIT to maintain loyal relationships with its partners and high-quality service.

KPIT provides engineering solutions for cities to become “Smart Cities” with their focus concentrated on Transportation, Energy, Water Management, Environment, Smart Governance, Citizen Participation, Digitization, Public Safety, Housing, Education and Healthcare. Their key focus areas are sparked by the increasing demand to reduce emission levels, provide adequate transportation and infrastructure, and maintain resources in a increasing population. They strive for a “cleaner, greener, intelligent world that is self-sufficient, sustainable and efficient.” In order to achieve this massive task, KPIT invests in new technologies that can be integrated into society. This provides the opportunity for tech-providers to work, team-up, and collaborate with local town planners, urban local bodies, and consultants to implement “smart transportation”, “smart utilities”, and more efficient city planning and citizen safety. Effectively allowing KPIT to supply their transformational solutions and service through product engineering and IT verticals(Automotive and Transportation, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities). These three verticals allow them to flex their expertise in technologies and business systems that are common to these industries.

With over twenty years in global operations and partnerships, and over two hundred loyal customer relationships, their clients benefit from higher quality, inexpensive, and energy efficient solutions to enhance the state of the industries they serve. On top of customer satisfaction, they also satisfy their technologists, employees, and customers with a quarterly theme-based journal dubbed Techtalk, where different enthusiasts and experts can come together and share ideas, expertise, and knowledge. This journal has been in publication for 3 years with informative editorials related to Energy, High Performance Computing, Vision Systems, Sensor Networks, and Modeling & Simulation. Needless to say KPIT technologies is dedicated to facilitating tech innovations that will give rise to “Smart Cities.” This will especially help India, where they are headquartered at, whose city population is expected to double in 2050 to %60. Many other cities are following along this path which is going to need the expertise and technology of KPIT to sustain their growing population.

It is refreshing to know that companies like this one is expending their resources and energy to bring forth the era of “Smart Cities” where growing population demands can be met. It only seems to be the next logical step for cities to implement IT tools and research to understand and adjust to the demands of people. My question would be then, what will the cities of tomorrow look like?


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