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Layar: Pioneer in Streamlined Augmented Reality Development for Applications

Sometimes when you hear about Augmented Reality applications, it feels as though it is only a art-form for developers and professional digital artists. I remember when websites was still a very new atmosphere, were you had to have experience in coding. But as soon as the mechanics of website designs and development was fleshed out, with the continued practice and implementation from web designers, it became a automated process for the lay-man to become apart of. What I am getting at is there are now automated ways to create your own augmented reality experiences for your own purposes, without having to be a experienced programmer. There is one company that should be recognized as pioneering in streamlining augmented reality development.

Layar is to augmented reality, as WordPress is to the internet. It allows people to access the capabilities of the AR experience, without necessarily being skilled developers or fleshing out money for one. Their primary focus is on enhancing the printed media experience, by letting stationary pictures turn into a demo, or providing you extra access to a external website with a scan of your phone, by using the Layar app.

The Dutch company was first materialized in 2009 by Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, Raimo van der Klein, and Claire Boonstra; and based in Amsterdam. The idea was for it to be a mobile browser that allowed people to find a myriad of items through mixed reality techology. Because of their early success in this platform, Layar was recognized as a tech pioneer by the World Economic forum in September of year 2010.

The real crown-jewel of the app, is the Layar Creator. As stated on their website, “With the Layar Creator, you can enhance flyers, postcards, packaging or any other item with interactive content, including video messgages, Web and social links, photo slideshows, music clips and much more!”

They also have their own magazine dubbed “Layared.” I know this goes without saying, but yes their magazine is fully interactive. It provides insight and inspirations on how to approach your AR apps design, as well as showing the many capabilities that their service has to offer when it comes to enhancing your printed media.

There are a few ways you can go about creating your content with Layar. They have their most basic plans, starting at $3.50 a page, which provides you various widgets( Twitter feed, Facebook Message, Buy Now, image carousel, etc.) to implement, video hosting, and a subscription for 30 days. It also allows you to test your pages before going live. If you need to access statistics (# of page views, clicks, etc.), you will want to go with their pro plan with a subscription for 1 year. Now if you are a big-baller business, that needs a more customized AR development approach, their Premium plan would be the best option. This give you the ability to create your own html codes to embed, ability to launch Geo Layer app and 3D modeling. Also you can download your campaign statistics and collaborate with others through Layar. And it does go without saying that you have round about support from the company.

With much thought put into AR app development, it is no wonder they are a pioneer in streamlined AR development.

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