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@Lifeliqe Utilizes Corinth Classroom’s Library of Educational Material to Merge #VR & #AR with E-Learning

How many uses are there for mixed reality? It can enhance gaming, let you become the character of a story, let you have face-to-face social interaction with your family, redefine online retail, explore tourist locations and many more unforeseen benefits yet to be discovered. Though, one thing virtual and augmented reality truly has the chance to revolutionize is the way we educate ourselves. Afterall, two-thirds of the population learn best through visuals.

This is exactly what Lifeliqe has been achieving through leveraging mixed reality. But before we talk about Lifeliqe, we must talk about their sister company, Corinth Classroom. Corinth is a start-up based in Czech Republic, who specializes in e-Learning materials. Their immense catalog of educational content related to Biology and Geology follows U.S. Standards for Education, with their materials backed by Stanford, University of California, Charles University, University of Tennessee and other experts of related fields.

After over 4 years of building an interactive archive suited for individuals and school systems, Lifeliqe was founded to accommodate the e-Learning materials in a much more visually appealing interactive platform. The platform is currently guided by co-founders, Ondrej Homola(Chief Executive Officer), Mark Andersen(VP of Marketing), Daniel Sklar(VP of R&D) and Daniel Capek(Chief Technology Officer). As mixed reality surpasses conventional media in terms of usage, they understand there is going to be a demand for immersive e-Learning materials.

Lifeliqe can bring multi-layered educational 3D models into the classroom… literally. As stated already, most people on Earth are visual learners, and it is proven that VR increases information retention, since people can actually interact with what they are learning about. Being able to get up close to a stegosaurus, while being able to expand additional information about the dinosaur, proves to be much more engaging and stimulating than listening to a lecture or reading a book.

Essentially their educational platform is great for teachers to retain students attention and parents wanting a fun and benefiting way to entertain their kids. Their app also features Spanish translation and sharing capabilities. The developers even talk about Lifeliqe being a way to create your own educational videos with their library of 3D models. To continue to enhance their interactive learning platform, they’ve teamed up with HTC Vive, which will definitely be something to look forward to. You can connect with Lifeliqe via Twitter @Lifeliqe.

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