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LifePrint: Augmented Reality HyperPhoto Portable Printer

When it comes to adding a new layer to augmented reality capabilities, LifePrint is one company that is on top of it. Initiated on KickStarter, the goal of this group is to re-invent the way we share our experiences through photos. It is no doubt that photos have a long history in capturing the moments we cherish the most. Before the age of the smartphone and digital camera, taking pictures was a very special moment for those involved.

LifePrint believes “the sheer amount of digital photos have in some way marginalized and degraded the value of those very special moments we want to capture.” This can be seen through the selfie phenomenon, where stockpiles of photos are taken and stored on our smartphones that may only be viewed once before having to be deleted to free up space.

Their solution to this is a very unique one. LifePrint is constructing a portable Bluetooth thermal printer, that can essential print videos. It utilizes augmented reality, so you can take a photo, attach a video to it and print it. Through the LifePrint app, your photos will come to life, instead of being a still image for people to use their mind’s eye to reconstruct that special moment you want to share. What is also cool is that if your friends have the portable printer, they can print your AR photos or HyperPhoto through the app and watch it come to life. It is also a neat party trick to show off your portable printer and photos. In addition to this, LifePrint is also “hoping that social media stars and celebrities with a lot of followers might want to mass-send a HyperPhoto to all their fans.”

HyperPhotos can be printed straight from your Android, iPhone or GoPro wirelessly. You can attach Instagram videos, Vines, GIFs and your personal recordings to these photos. So as to not confuse one photo with another, LifePrint uses photo-recognition technology to embed a invisible code into each picture, as to pull up the right video attached to it. These videos are stored on LifePrint’s Cloud through your LifePrint account. Which enables your friends to view them as well as other people from your social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and such. As stated by Mashable, “LifePrint envisions you and your friends owning their tiny, portable printers and being connected through the companies free app.”

The portable printer takes advantage of thermal printing, so as to not use ink. Since it is portable, it takes up to an hour to charge, which will grant you fifteen photos per charge. Each photo is 2″ by 3″ with a printing time of 30 seconds. The printer itself is 5″ by 3″ by 1″ thick and weighs roughly 7 ounces. It is compatible with the iPhone 5s/newer, Samsung Galaxy S5/newer and GoPro Hero 3/newer. You can obtain this printer for $129.

LifePrints portable printer is another example of how augmented reality media can add to our personal lives. It’s meant to be the portable printer for everyone. Honestly, wouldn’t it be cool to see your photos literally come to life, just like the pictures hanging around Hogwarts? I think so. Go ahead and visit LifePrints website to learn more about their unique portable printer.

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