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@LindenLab Creator of “Second Life” is Developing Online #VR Platform for Monetizing VR Content Online


What is the necessary components to establish the “Metaverse?” That is the question VR futurists will be asking for a long time, or at least until communities and societies begin to embrace this technology. Though at this current stage, we have the networking capabilities, artificial intelligence or smart algorithms, online security measures and virtual reality headsets. Though it still up to developers and content-creators to create environments to facilitate meta-interactions.

Speaking of meta-interactions, Linden Labs(creators of Second Life), is developing an immersive platform which allows people to monetize on digital content they create online. This could very well-be another realized component for the “Metaverse.” This could also effectively bring about or revolutionize how we interact online, or at least in the near future. If you’re curious if Linden Labs is qualified to develop such an ambitious platform, then you must not heard of “Second Life.”

Second Life was their first product, launched 2003, which allowed users to create and exchange content. It is one of the most successful pioneering online social platforms, which has seen billions of dollars transacted among it’s users. It is one of the largest online library of digital content. With business opportunities being realized within this platform, it is not too far fetched to believe Linden Labs will re-create this specifically for distribution of VR content.

Their VR project, “Sansar,” is still in development, scheduled to be publicly available early 2017. As stated by them, “Sansar will democratize VR as a creative medium, making it easy for people to create, share, and monetize their own social VR experiences.” If you are already creating virtual reality content or experiences, you can apply for Creator Preview, which will give you early access and let you help shape the platform of Sansar.

Their next platform, may very well be another key to unlocking what we envision as the”Metaverse.” In the near future, when VR is more affordable and people are immersing themselves in vastness and endless gateways to virtual worlds, the only reason we would take off these majestic headsets is to head to work. But what if you could make money in the “Metaverse?” You can keep up to date by following via Twitter @LindenLab.

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