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@LittlStarVR Is Another Avenue for Finding #Immersive 360 Degree Videos


With the proliferation of immersive content, caused by the maturing of immersive headsets, there needs to be dedicated VR distribution platforms which makes immersive media easily accessible. Fortunately there are already dev teams on the task, which includes Vrideo and HoneyVR. Though there is another immersive streaming platform that deserves recognition too.

Based in New York, NY, Littlstar provides access to cinematic VR content for Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. Tony Mugavero, Dominic Giglio and Matt Collado founded Littlstar in 2013 with the original intent for hosting general social media campaigns, but when the Oculus Rift made an appearance, they shifted their focus on developing an distribution platform for immersive content-creators to publish on.

With a few years under their belt, they have an impressive array of 360-degree videos for VR headset owners to enjoy. You can find 360 videos relating to travel, music, education, journalism, etc. If you’re not too sure what you’d want to watch at the moment, they have a sponsored and featured section for you to discover new content as well.

Littlstar has developed a 360 degree video player that can be implemented on websites. They’ve also created an API, which would allow developers to implement Littlestar’s library of videos within their applications. Essentially, making it easy to build a virtual reality cinema with access to tons of immersive videos and photos.

Currently, if you own the Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR, you can access Littlstar’s application, but they do plan to make their app available for HTC Vive, Merge VR and PlayStation VR, so look out. Take a look at their blog or connect with them via Twitter @LittlstarVR to learn more.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on Littlstar with a comment below:)

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