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Magical Devices of Modern Times

When it comes to understanding the devices we use in our everyday lives, half of us don’t understand how these magical devices of modern times work. Lucky for us tech dummies, there are great minds invested in creating the wonderful tools we take for granted today. The truth is, even though plenty of innovative devices are made, seemingly everyday, we do not really know where this tech is taking us. Maybe to a automated society. Or solution to cure world hunger. Possibly even to the answer of immortality. Though that may be a ways off, we still have tech magic being churned up today.

Sensel Morph

When it comes to mouse and keyboard or the the good ol’ trackpad, we have been able to manipulate the objects on our screen. Now a more advanced tech is underway that’ll give us more control of our screen. It is the Sensel Morph. “A keyboard on steroids.” The Sensel Morph looks like a regular trackpad, but packed with more sensors. The way the pad feels touch, is comparable to the way human skin feels. If you are a painter, you can utilize this pad to paint your masterpeices without sacrifricing the soft touch of the brush and your artwork will already be digital. Cause you know… we live in the social network age full of digitized sharing. Well, in any case here’s a cool look at the magical pad for your visual entertainment: Sensel Morph.

Touchjet WAVE

It’s cool such a touch device exists, but have you ever wanted to touch your television screen. Sometimes when I want to pause a Youtube video, I try touching the pause button on my T.V. screen(but it doesn’t work that way.) I mean, we touch our phones, tablets, and computer screens. Why not our t.v. Well your in luck, a cool tech called the Touchjet WAVE, allows you to do just that. What’s convinient about this is you don’t have to buy a new t.v. It utilizes “bleeding edge infrared technology to track finger movements.” It’s a nifty device that’ll hook up to the top of your screen and allow you to pause Youtube on your T.V. Because, why not. Go ahead and check it out: Touchjet WAVE.

Architecture of Radio

Now that we feel more connected touching more things, what keeps us connected digitally? Can we see these digital connections? I’m sure you’ve wondered what the infosphere, that we connect to daily, actually looks like. The Architecture of Radio has provided you a solution to your answer. It is an application that provides visual representation of the “ambient nature of the infosphere.” It does look pretty cool and makes you feel slightly cyborg-ish with a robotic eye. Maybe this will be the prosthetic eye of the future. Instead of seeing color or outlined objects, you’ll be able to see the connections our devices links to everyday. Pretty cool: Architecture of Radio.

Project Tango

There’s one more thing I have to tell you about, then you can zone away. Google’s has invested in a project called Tango. What project Tango offers is robots to be more human like. Well, not exactly. It is a tablet that is aware of the space it inhabits, similar to how we know where we are standing. Instead of solely relying on GPS to figure out it’s location, it uses a array of sensors, from a gyroscope to barometer. Which means it can track it’s location in real-time without the aid of GPS. The device is still a development kit, but you can expect to see your device telling you the location of the Oreos in the grocery store. Looking forward to: Project Tango.

Final Thoughts

Maybe these aren’t breathtaking like a tech for immortality or curing of all diseases. But it does give insight to the creativity the human race still possesses and proof our little planet we are accustomed to day will be different from the little planet future generations will be accustomed to. Well if someone finds a way to implement these magical devices to A.I., we are probably in for a daunting treat in the future. We’ll have sensitive robots tracking our movements (without the aid of GPS), to pause the Youtube video on our T.V. cause we’re not listening to them. Just saying.

Do you believe it’s dangerous for autonomous devices to map out their environment?

Well as always, from Around Your Screen.

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