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Marxent Labs: Mixed Reality Industry Pioneer

Why is there such hype now about augmented reality(AR) tech now? Why are businesses like Microsoft, DAQRI, Lumus, and companies alike feel this tech is finally ready to be accepted by the public? Why are businesses like Facebook, Sony, and Star VR making such huge investments in the Mixed Reality Industry now? Simply said, the tech to produce the sort of satisfactory VR/AR experiences have become much more inexpensive, and people in the next few years will grow “bored” of the smartphones. Mobile devices and TVs will not be as satisfying, with an ever increasing hunger for humans to be part of the future. I could write on and on about the infinite possibilities Mixed Reality applications will bring to the table, but I want to bring recognition to another pioneering company that has been dedicated to the Mixed Reality Industry.

Marxent Labs is a augmented reality company, founded by brothers Besecker and Barry Besecker, founded in 2011. They were able to secure $700,000 in funding from Detroit Venture Partners, letting them pursue this venture. Shopwith.it was their flagship product that allowed users to take pictures and scan product barcodes to learn more about the product or add it to their virtual shopping cart. They could also share it on social media for friends to join them in their shopping experience. It has since been retired in 2012.

Even though two brothers run the show, they actively find local talent and skills, either it be software engineers or 3D artists, to create unique and unforgettable augmented reality experiences. People who are hired on, get the chance to move to Dayton, Ohio or St. Petersburg, Florida to explore their imagination and optimize their skills with a ever innovating team. Simply because the Mixed Reality Industry is still growing and they have plenty of jobs for aspiring VR/AR developers.

The company primarily create these AR/VR apps for Android, iOs, GearVR, Oculus Rift and others. Marxent Labs has also created large scale experiences such as recreating the Jurassic Park experience at Universal Studios Orlando and collaborating with Orange to upgrade the Christmas spirit.

To comprehend how trusted and dedicated Marxent Labs is, Lowes decided to partner up with them, to construct the Lowes Holoroom. It is exactly what is sounds like. As quoted by LowesInnovationLabs.com, “Lowe’s Holoroom is a virtual reality home improvement design and visualization tool that empowers homeowners with an immersive, intuitive experience in the room of their dreams.” The holoroom utilizes the VisualCommerce AR platform for people to redesign their homes, without having to rely entirely on their mind’s eye, or continually look up and down between a catalog and the room they want to design.

The room, without being powered by the platform, feels very much futuristic. But if you look closely at the artistic design of the room, you’ll notice it is different variations of Lowe’s logo overlapping and intersecting one another. I’m sure it’s to help with the position tracking of the holographic 3D images, that can be seen through their optimized tablet. They plan to expand the holoroom across nineteen stores, with the initial start date being November 2015. Go ahead and see if there is a participating store near you, and check out the HoloRoom experience.

Coming back to Marxent Labs, they are more than just a mixed reality software company, they are also educators within the industry. They travel the country, providing live demos of VisualCommerce. They host their own blog, ranging from topics of finding a career in the field to upcoming events or simply answering frequently asked questions about the mixed reality industry. They are truly pioneering in the industry of mixed reality. So if you have questions, need a VR/AR app or are a aspiring developer, go ahead and contact Marxent Labs.

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