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MatiVision: Developing Virtual Technology Alternative for Streaming Live Events

If you want to enjoy a concert to it’s fullest, you definitely want to experience it live. And if you cannot be there in person, you at least want to be connected to an IoT device, so you can watch your favorite performer live. Though sometimes two-dimensional screen is just not as satisfying as being there live, right? Well one company has definitely provided an alternative for bringing you closer to live events from far away.

MatiVision is a tech-company based in London, UK,  that combines live-events with virtual reality. They have been at this since 2009, with their first project being a MTV Live Session featuring Biffy Clyro, in London, UK. Since their start, MatiVision has pleased over 25 clients with their cutting-edge solution.

In order to live-stream events for VR, they employ miniature devices about the size of a soup can. These small devices are comprised of six mini, hi-def, hi-performance cameras placed spherically. This enables a full 360 degree view of any given area. MatiVison actually employs multiple 360 cameras to give users options of different viewing points.

To check out their work, you can download the MatiVision app on Google Play or Apple Store, which gives you access to short demos and functionality of their virtual reality experiences. VR experiences, such as Muse opening up with their popular song Uprising or worlds first live-streamed VR medical operation. The studios successful implementation of VR technology has lead to many satisfied clients, which includes Warner Music Company, Vodafone, Metropolis Studios Samsung and Chrysler.

It is no doubt, VR is paving the way for new and better experiences that we couldn’t yet do on a two-D screen. MatiVision’s virtual reality live-streaming technology is one undeniable example. You can learn more about MatiVision on their website.

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