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@MaximumGames and Untold Games Develops Futuristic Intergalactic #VR Game “Loading Human” for Playstation VR and Oculus Rift

Having own the HTC Vive for some time now(more like a few months), I don’t see how anyone who doesn’t own one of these majestic interfaces can criticize it. Fact is, it act as an portal to the places you want to visit the most. Whether it be seeing the Eiffel tower full-scale or witnessing the Avenger’s Tower under siege “in-person.” Virtual reality provides a great opportunity for developers to experiment with space and storytelling.

Speaking of storytelling, Maximum Games and Untold Games have partnered, to develop the technologically advanced world of “Loading Human.” Maximum games, as described by them, “a boutique publisher of quality electronic entertainment.” Untold games, founded in 2013 and backed by a team of professional developers and artists, follows the ideas and imagination of Creator Director, Flavio Parenti. Together, they are exploring the future of storytelling.

Loading Human follows the protagonist, Prometheus Baarick, who’s dying father, Dorian Baarick, is requesting him to venture on an intergalactic mission to retrieve an energy source, the Quintessence. But his romantic interest in Dorian’s assistant, Alice, will have him contemplating about this task at hand. “Loading Human dives deep into complex questions of familial and romantic love, duty and sacrifice, science and romance.” It’s a future where technology distorts reality.

The studios plans to make this an episodic adventure, where each DLC will delve into each characters perspective, providing players a complete understanding of the technologically advanced world and the dynamic relationships taking place within it. You’ll explore memories of their past and witness their future.

The game takes inspiration from classic adventure games like Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island. If you like exploring, which VR definitely prompts you to do so, there will be various sceneries to check out, as well as puzzles to solve, adding another dynamic to the immersive game.

Loading Human is currently available for order, which you can find available retailers on their site. If you plan on owning or’ve purchased the PSVR, then this is a game definitely worth looking into. You can follow new developments and connect via Twitter @MaximumGames.

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