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@MiddleVR is Providing the Solution for Companies In-house Collaboration Needs Through Virtual Reality

It is great to see various companies come up with ideas, products and services to aid in the growth of the virtual reality marketplace. Getting in the VR scene as soon as possible, is only beneficial for companies, keeping them ahead of the game. With this said, there definitely needs to be praise for start-ups who have an invested interest in creating VR applications to help other industries.

This brings me to a VR development company, known as Middle VR. Middle VR was founded in 2012 by Sébastien Kuntz, who has over 15 years of experience in creating mixed reality applications and tools. His founded company’s sole vision: Changing the world with VR. In order to do just that, his team has been engineering multiple services for companies looking to invest in VR.

One such service is Improov. Improov allows a company’s team to collaborate with each other within a virtual environment or office. This is very useful, especially when working on computer-aided designs(CAD), which tends to be heavily used in engineering projects or designing architecture. It supports many files, including Catia V6, Solidworks, OBJ and VRML, as well as various VR systems, such as HTC Vive, CAVEs, Power walls and Oculus Rift.

Another one of their services they offer is custom development of VR applications, suited for companies of any size, for any needs, on any VR interface. On top of creating the apps, they also will help install it on-site and train employees on how to utilize it.

With Middle VR powered by experts in VR field, C++ programming and Unity Engine, it is no doubt the work they produce is worth any businesses money. The team has won a Lava Virtual Award in the ‘Engineering, Assembly and Maintenance’ category and two prizes at the Idenergie innovative startup contest, proving their leadership in the VR marketplace.

Of course they are always looking for businesses to help with their in-house collaboration solutions and VR applications, so if you are that business, go ahead and visit their website for the full list of services Middle VR offers. You can also connect with them via Twitter @MiddleVR.

Thank you for reading about this leading VR development company. Let me know your take on Middle VR by leaving a comment below:)

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