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Mindfield Games: Explore the Mystery of RAMA’s Research Station on Saturns Moon ‘Titan’ in Virtual Reality

One of the greatest features of virtual reality is the exploratory aspect it provides. In other words, instead of peering through a window as you do with a two-D screen, VR pushes you through the fourth-wall, given you the ability to be inside and interact directly with computer-generated environments. This is why it is such a revolutionary way to experience various media, such as games or motion pictures.

Mindfield Games is taking advantage of this newfound media interface with their VR flagship game “P.O.L.L.E.N.” P.O.L.L.E.N. is a first-person exploration game on a alternate timeline, where President John F. Kennedy was not assassinated and the internet as we know it, was never invented. With rare resources dwindling on Earth, major corporations combined their efforts to scour the Solar System for these valuable resources.

One such conglomerate is RAMA Industries. They are a result of the merge of Rand Quantum Technologies, Argent Nano Engineering, Maxilion Space Industries and Associated Global Media. In order to find the right people for the right job for long-term job satisfactions, they employ PAT, which is short for Psychological Assessment Test. Recruits are given a serious of seemingly random questions, that identifies their profile and the most suitable job for them.

Some of these recruits may become asteroid miners or do research in a newly developed space facility. Your job duty is the reserve employee of RAMA. You are sent to Station M located on Titan, the Earth-like moon of Saturn, to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an employee part of Station M’s research team.

As you explore the base, you learn more about the operations of RAMA Industries, encounter environment-based puzzles and obtain notes left by the employees. To create as much ‘presence’ as possible, Mindfield Games implements binaural atmospheric audio that mimics how human ears hear the natural environment. By listening closely to the noise emitted from the empty halls of Station M, you’ll learn more about what happened within the confines of RAMA’s 13th moon base.

P.OL.L.E.N.’s detailed environments, binaural soundscape, captivating story and fully-interactive world, makes it a game worthy of adding to your VR to-do list. It can be played on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR for $24.99. Even if you do not own a VR headset, you can still explore RAMA’s Research Facility on Titan on your computer monitor. Learn more about the game on their support page or connect with them through their social network.

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