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Modiface: Augmented Reality Technolology for Facial Analysis

ModiFace technology is the basis of the leading patent portfolio on skin analysis and facial visualization, and powers over 150 web and mobile apps which have been downloaded nearly 60 million times,” as stated by their website. They first began at Stanford University in 1999, working on automated facial recognition and analysis technology, and continued on to University of Toronto from 2001 to 2006.

The leading people behind Modiface are Dr. Parham Arrabi (Founder CEO), Roya Sedigh (Vice President Internal Operations), Jennifer Tidy (Vice President Partnerships), Kyungmoon Lee (Vice President Engineering), Miriam Pettinen (Executive Director Partnerships & Strategy), and Jingyi Zhang (Executive Director Engineering).

The ModiFace Mirror allows users to veiw different beauty products on their actual face. It “features photo-realistic make-up/skin simulation, shade matching, glance-based product recommendations, pause/play modes, and so much more.” You can also share your new-found look with your friends on the spot, without having to apply the product.

Through this effective means of showcasing beauty products utilizing augmented reality, companies such as L’Oreal, Matrix, Allergan, Amore Pacific, Yves Rocher and Honest Beauty take advantage of ModiFace. Laneige Beauty Mirror, which utilizes ModiFace’s technology, can be found in brick-and-mortar stores for people to try on every beauty product sold by Amore Pacific.

One recent showcasing of the Modiface mirror was at the LOFT chain store in Japan, dubbed LOFT Makeup Mirror. People were able to view different beauty products, which range from Ettusals, Cosme, Revion and L’Oreal. LOFT Makeup Mirror is a initiative in Asia to partner up with multiple Asian beauty brands and retailers to expand the amount of products people are able to digitally try on.

ModiFace is truly unique, in that it provides photo-realistic accuracy of applying make-up, without having to physically apply it. Considering for the most part, that you can’t walk into a store and open up beauty products without making a purchase. Now individuals can browse through a variety of beauty products online and try it on, before making a purchase with ModiFace’s AR mirror technology.

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