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Mythical City Games is bringing Battle Fleet 2 to Virtual Reality

One that you can sure expect developers and content-creators to do with the new-found media virtual reality, is to adapt digital media originally created for two-D interfaces for VR interfaces. I remember when gaming consoles started to hit the world by storm and board games, such as monopoly was recreated for the digital interface.

Speaking of adapting two-D games for VR, this brings me to Mythical City Games. Headed by Jedrzej Jonasz, a.k.a. JJ, the studio focuses primarily in strategy based games. Their portfolio includes Starbase Gunship, Tippy Tree and Cube Smash. But most of you may know them for Battle Fleet 1 and 2.

Battle fleet is a turn-based game or a game where players take turns making tactical moves against the other. You can either play against the computer in campaign or another player. The game takes place in the Pacific ocean during World War 2 Era, where you have the option to play as USA or Japan. Armed with a fleet of ships, you have to eliminate the enemy.

Since HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are becoming known as the next-level of immersive media interfaces, Mythical City Games took it upon themselves to re-invent one of their most popular titles, Battle Fleet 2, for virtual reality. In an interview with VRFocus, JJ explained ” the biggest challenge adapting an existing title is going to be converting the user interface… to vr. So we want to make sure that feels good before we actually release it.”

The team definitely understand and has experience with the direction to take the game when it comes to an intuitive or natural feeling user-interface. Before they announced Battle Fleet 2 coming to HTC Vive, they created Snow Fortress. In this game, you can re-live your childhood (unless you were born in a state where snow cease to exist) and create a snow fortress to defend yourself against magical, yet dangerous snowman.

With Battle Fleet 2 VR, they are planning to make it into a tabletop style game in virtual reality, which makes great sense for a turn-based game. There is yet to be a date released for BF2 VR, but if you already own the PC version, then you’ll obtain the VR version for free. Or if you purchase the VR version, the PC version will be included.

Though they are not the first to convert two-D games for VR, they are definitely taking the next steps in understanding this next-gen interface and making a already popular game even better with virtual reality. On a side-note, thinking about turn-based board games, it would be cool to become the game piece in Monopoly, traveling to different locations, such as Boardwalk or Vermont Avenue, to seal deals and pass GO, but I digress. You can keep up to date with the studio by following them on Twitter @MythCityGames.

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