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New Wave of 3D Printing

I couldn’t be more thrilled for the increased popularity of 3D printing. Creating a new wave in building everyday materials. Here’s an analogy. It is similar to the pre-made food. Instead of having to do the preparation yourself, you just stick it in the microwave and in a few minutes, ready to eat food. That is essentially what 3D printers allow you to do. Stick a pre-made formula into the machine and wala, magic. This is even a car business, that integrates this technology into the core of the operations named Local Motors. They can make most of their materials in-house, and create their cars in a matter of days and not months. Revolutionary.

Though this all sounds good and stuff. Being able to skip a trip to the store and just create the object in need at home. Or saving money visiting businesses that utilize this tech. There is a phobia, developed because of this. People fear that these machines will give unscrupulous humans the power to create weapons at home. That some will use this to do harm to others. Some have even used the power of 3D printing to help build their own flying drones. And most of us understand the fear that comes with drones. The truth of the matter is, no useful weapon has been successfully created by these machines. And if their is a successful blueprint of a dangerous weapon, it is not public knowledge that the average human can just look up. The phobia seems to be a innate fear of some, when it comes to something new and the change it may influence in there everyday lives. Maybe one day dangerous blueprints will be floating around the internet, to provide sociopathic people easier access to weapons of mass destruction. When that becomes the case, I’m sure people will have their own security protocols in-place. For instance Wearsafe.

The moral to the story is, as certain technologies improve that maybe seem dangerous, the smart individual will invest in devices/software to counteract 3D printing terrorists. I for the matter am eager to see these things become perfected. I wonder how businesses will integrate this new tool or how much money the average human can save by having one of these machines in their house? What sort of creativity will these machines inspire? Can it prove to promote productive communities? What are the unseen advantages/disadvantages these machines truly can offer? Only way to find out, is for it to become a common household product. Something that is normal to have like your fridge, toaster, Keurig, or television. 3D printing will soon be just that. Every time I ponder about what is now possible in this age and the many great minds that contributed to the spoils we enjoy today. It should remind us to be humble and give back to humanity. Amazing.

As always, from Around Your Screen.

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