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@NinjaTheory Releases First Person Shooter #VR game DEXED on SteamVR

It’s been barely a year since Hi-end VR headsets hit the mainstream. Within this time-frame, there have been plenty of content, exhibiting the various ways immersive media can utilized. With much prediction and researchers pointing towards 2020 being the year mixed reality content will become common place, which makes sense that development studios are joining the VR bandwagon, in order to build the skill-set and portfolio to build comfortable and immersive experiences.

Speaking of studios, Ninja Theory has recently released their first immersive game for the HTC Vive. Ninja Theory is a AAA game development studio, first founded in 2004 and powered by Nina Kristensen(Chief Development Director), Tameem Antoniades(Chief Creative Director) and Jez San OBE (Non-Exec Director), who have had the opportunity to partner with Sony Entertainment(Heavenly Sword), Namco Bandai(Enslaved: Odyssey to the West) and Capcom(DmC: Devil May Cry). They’ve also developed Senua Studio, which allows entertainment professional to control digital characters live.

To steady for the growing demand for hi-quality replayable immersive content, they’ve produced first-person dual shooter VR game, “DEXED(a.k.a. DEXterity.” DEXED was born from 8 developers within 3 months, as part of game jam. Objective of the game is to rack up points as you blast through element sensitive enemies. With one tracking controller or gun being optimized by fire and the other by ice, you must successfully take out ice and fire enemies with the right elemental projectiles, while coasting through various terrain.

What brings extreme replayability for the game, besides the various detailed combat environments, is your ability to post your scores on global and friendly leaderboards. As commented by a Steam member, “If you consider this game has been pulled together in only three months by a team of 8 persons, I find it rather fantastic. The game is very polished, the animation of the boss is very nice, the environments are splendid.” The only thing to consider, before investing 10 dollars into DEXED is whether you can stomach moving on a rail in VR.

Surely as demand for entertaining content in VR grows, Ninja Theory will utilize their assets and may even partner up with other studios to create high quality immersive games. Til then, you can purchase their game on SteamVR or connect with them via Twitter @NinjaTheory.

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