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Nival VR development of Educational Virtual Reality Gaming with InCell and InMind

Nival is a game development company founded by Sergey Orlovskiy (Chief Executive Officer) in 1998. The company specializes in real-time-online-strategy games. Since it’s founding, Nival has developed award winning games, which includes Prime World (Awarded E3 Best MOBA, Gamescom 2011: Best Social Game), Prime Defenders (Awarded Apple: Best New Games, Google: Our Favorite Game), EtherLords (Awarded Apple: Benchmark Games -Stunning Graphics) and Kings Bounty (Awarded Best Mobile Online by Perpetuum).

Now with the mixed reality industry being a viable marketplace, Nival is pursuing virtual reality game development. The company wants to create a fun and entertaining way to educate people while gaming. As said by Sergey Orlovskiy, “Games are often criticized for being useless. We thought about how to make something more meaningful, and we came to the idea of education.” Which led them to create their flagship VR game, named InMind.

InMind is a racing game that takes the gamer inside the human brain. VentureBeat explains , “the unity-based demo blends gaming and education, as you can blast bad neurons just by concentrating and staring at them.” I guess like the Jedi mind tricks. Through the game, gamers develop a better understanding of how mental disorders develop.

Because of the success of InMind, Nival developed InCell where “you’ll take an exciting journey inside the highly unusual micro world of human cell and stop virus advance.” Even though both of these games are aimed at educating people about the human body, they are extremely fantastical and vibrant games, that sucks you right into the “living” atmosphere.

Both games are ready to be played on Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Steam for free.

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