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@OfficialJanusVR Immersive Platform is Pulling the Internet into the #VR World

Isn’t it about time for websites to receive an upgrade? There is only so much you can do with the limited space of an webpage. Webpages with too much content, tends to exhaust your scrolling fingers and having to wait for a page to load can deter your attention. Unless, the webpage happens to be an environment you can transport into. You may know where I’m going with this, which is there is a company transforming websites into virtual reality environments.

JanusVR is an Toronto based studio who aims to convert the internet into VR. Not only are they a studio, but a community of developers and content-creators who are collaborating on the immersive web-interconnected platform. As they explain, “We’re building the immersive web, essentially. We’re basically aiming to combine the internet as a platform with virtual reality… Our company vision is about re-imagining the interaction, the representation of the web itself and you can build upon all that existing content to turn the internet into this rich immersive VR environment.”

In order to turn the internet into a real place you can visit, they provide a free suite of downloadable programs. This includes web.janusVR(WebGL-version enabling VR internet content to be seen in a browser or immersive interface), presence.janusVR(social and collaborative open-source software for their community), export.janusVR(tools which export content from popular modeling, animation and gaming software into JanusVR) and vesta.janusVR(free web-hosting community which allows users to share immersive web-content from within JanusVR).

With a well established interface and community to transform the web into VR, there are already great user-created experiences for newcomers to check out. In order to help you with your own virtual space online, they’ve provided a step-by-step guide on how to use Vesta. Once your place is created, users in real-time can come by and visit and help design your place, making it into a truly unique place to visit through the internet. You can also connect with their community on Reddit and Discord.

JanusVR is a truly amazing stepping-stone into what we imagine as the “metaverse,” where people can portal into different virtual webs to socialize and ultimately leave their footprint, in turn creating an upgraded meaning of an inter-connected society. It’s not far-fetch to believe an immersive web will not be the to-go experience, especially when the average person obtains their on VR-viewer or just a computer. You can download JanusVR through their website for Windows, Apple and Linux platform, and if so inclined, follow them via Twitter @OfficialJanusVR.

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