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@OnirideVR Creates the First Native #VR Comic Book ‘Magnetique’

It seems day by day, development studios are experimenting with new ways to utilize virtual reality. Platforms and first person shooter games exist in VR. Painting and sculpting applications exist in VR. Films and brand experiences exist in VR. Even explicit content exists in VR. So what else has been added to the VR marketplace?

This brings me to VR productions studio, Oniride. Oniride has created an impressive portfolio of immersive experiences, revolving around culture and brands. They have utilized augmented reality to enhance the museum experience, which can be seen in their commissioned work for the Carcer Tullianum Museum. They’ve even created an 360-degree experience, showcasing NISSAN’s NP300 Navara. Now they’re bringing “Magnetique” to the VR marketplace.

Magnetique is the first native-VR comic book for the Samsung Gear VR. Taking on the familiar characteristics as a comic book, such as speech bubbles and graphic art, but panoramic style. The immersive comic also utilizes the users gaze to activate speech bubbles, as in when you look at a character, a bubble appears. From looking at the trailer, it also seems to resemble a life-size pop-up book, with characters and some of the settings displayed in 2D art.

From the imagination of Oniride’s head developer, Fabio Corrirossi and professional artist Emilio Pulliu, the story follows an “a young puppeteer arriving on Cyan’s coast, a small, poor seaside village unprepared to welcome one of the most romantic stories that the poor inhabitants have ever heard.” This is pretty much what’s revealed about the story, but if you own a Gear VR, you can read their first installment for free.

Oniride does have plans for more installments of Magnetique, as well as creating a platform for immersive comic book and graphic novels to be hosted and published on. But for now, Magnetique is the first native VR comic book. You can keep up-to-date on Onrides developments via Twitter @OnirideVR.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your take on Oniride’s ‘Magnetique’ with a comment below:)

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