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OtherWorld Interactive: Virtual Reality Game Studio Creating the Next Immersive Experiences

OtherWorld Interactive is another game studio, based in California, that is designing virtual reality(VR) experiences for the emerging immersive entertainment market. The studio was founded in 2014, by graduates from USC Interactive Media MFA in the USC School of Cinematics Arts.

The studio aims to create compelling, entertaining and engaging virtual reality experiences that keeps the average-joe coming back for more. They design gaming, social and educational VR applications for Google CardBoard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. These VR projects have been recognized by PCMag, Greenbot, TechTimes, TechRadar, Upload VR and Apple Insider.

Sisters is one of their most popular games to play, which was downloaded over 650,000 times last year. As explained by PCMag, when you enter the game, you are “surrounded by a darkly lit, creepy Victorian drawing room, all dusty books, red velvet drapes, an aged relative in oils framed on the wall and yes, a scary doll looking straight at (you).”

As you observe your surroundings, the room morphs according to what you’re looking at, thanks to eye tracking sensors. This virtual reality horror games puts you right in the world of nightmares, sending goosebumps all over you. OtherWorld’s Sisters does a great job in story-telling aspect of it, with a twist that you’ll have to play to find out.

The game studio is also working on a social app that match-makes two players, dubbed Starport. Starport is meant to be a more intimate social experience, where you can play with your friends or meet new ones and engage “in a series of collaborative and competitive mini games.” One cool aspect of Starport, is that you can see your friends avatar move and make real-time decisions. You have multiple worlds you can choose to play in, which are creative and vibrant in design.

Share the Science: Climate Change is another VR application that OtherWorld has designed for educational purposes. It allows the players to explore the world and learn about the effects of carbon dioxide pollution in the environment and it’s occupants, as well as where it comes from. Virtual Reality will play a big role in education and this experience shows how effective VR experiences can be when learning about the world around us and our influence on it.

Their other projects include Galactic Wrecking Company: Drop the Bass, World’s a Mess, Finding Monsters, The Traveler and more. You can see their complete portfolio on the projects page at otherworldinteractive.com.

OtherWorld Interactive studio is definitely adding to what virtual reality has to offer. And these great experiences are produced by young intellects with creative imaginations. If your have a virtual project you have in mind, go ahead and connect with them through their contact page.

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