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Ovni Studios: Mobile Game Development Studio Entering the Virtual Reality MarketPlace with “Peronio”

Ovni Studio is a game development company that has been creating entertaining games for the last 15 years. The company is currently based out of São Paulo, Spain, with their main focus being mobile gaming. Companies such as AngenciaClick Midia Interativa Ltda, ACI Worldwide, Banco Bradesco, Seguros Unimed, SOS Mata Atlantica and more have relied on their expertise in mobile gaming apps. Now Ovni Studio has entered the mixed reality market, with their flagship VR game “Peronio.”  But before we talk about their latest achievement, let’s take a look at some of the games they’ve developed in the past.

AgenciaClick Midia Interativa Ltda employed Ovni to develop a graffiti-style game, named “Fiat Uno Color Race”Fiat Uno Color Race. It is intended to be a purely fun game, where you “hit the tracks and steer around the city, using your drifts and applying your brush on the streets, houses and skyscrapers.” Beware of the nine enemy cars though, as they will interrupt your groove on the road. You can customize you Fiat to your liking with different body colors and stickers. The art you apply on your car has an impact on your graffiti style around the city. With 20 levels to play, you can test your combo and drift skills which can be shared with your social networks.

Link 237 Lab is another entertaining mobile game developed for Banco Bradesco S.A. This is a 2-dimensional point-and-click game that features a little robot, ready to gobble up some lightning. With different engineering devices, such as pipes, fans, trampolines and magnets, you main objective is to direct lightning to the stomach of Link 237. There are various scenarios that tests your speed and ingenuity, making this game pretty addictive.

They’ve also created a educational app for SOS Mata Atlantica. This game allows players to learn about the devastation of deforestation in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. The forest used to stretch 17 states, with it’s area equivalent to 1,315,460 km squared. It also houses a massive variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish, as well as human inhabitants. In the modern day, it is only %8.5 of its original size. Now this forest and its occupants is on the verge of extinction.

In order to educate people about the devastating effects of deforestation, players set up headquarters inside the Atlantic Forest. Players are able to grow different plants, raise cattle, dispose of waste, decorate their headquarters and rebuild the forest. To measure in-game progress, a Environment Awareness meter is displayed. This is an indication of how balanced the player activities are with their environmental effects.  You can collect Green Coins and Regular coins as currency to buy items you need at the moment. There is also a Energy bar that depletes during your activities, but replenishes when not tending to your headquarters. Overall, the mobile game provides a great way to bring awareness to people about the effects of the diminishing Atlantic Forest.

Through these accomplishments, they have made it their obligation to enter the up-and coming mixed reality industry with “Peronio.” As stated by them, “We loves Augmented Reality and, more recently, our new Holographic mobile solution, combining Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology into one unique immersible experience.”

Peronio explores the life of a young kid trying to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. Does he want to be a Chef, a Engineer, mechanic or maybe even a archaeologist. The possibilities are endless. The story is told through a digital pop-up book, which gives you the option to experience it through virtual or augmented reality. To play the story in AR mode, they provide you a downloadable target through there website. This allows you to play the book on your coffee table, bed or floor. If you have a mobile VR headset, such as a Powis Custom (WWGC), you can experience an immersive narrative of the story.

Throughout the story, you are able to play mini-games with the character, which includes building a hover car or baking a insanely tall cake. To interact with the pop-up book, you simply point your target dot at object of interest. You can download the book through Google Play or Apple’s App Store. With it’s creative adaptation of pop-up books and vibrant graphics, Peronio is an excellent flagship mixed reality game for Ovni to enter the new marketplace with. Go ahead and see for yourself. You can also check out their full portfolio on Ovni Studio’s website or read their story on Unity.

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