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ozPDA & AjnaWare: Apps for the Mixed Reality Industry

Sun Seeker is a convenient app that provides people accurate data about the position of the Sun, during different times of the day and year. The app was developed and is maintained by ozPDA. The ozPDA team is  a “Australian iPhone, iPad, and mobile app development specialists, creating products for both Australian and international markets.” They are also the subsidiary of the parent company Ajnaware Pty Ltd (founded in 2008 by Graham Dawson) and started up with the support of Pollenizer.

AjnaWare is a  clever play on words, with Ajna being the sixth primary chakra (a.k.a. the third eye), and Ware meaning understanding and knowledge. Through ozPDA, the company lives up to its name by developing apps that focus around gaining a better or more accurate understanding of the world. Some of which are Moon Seeker (displays information about position of the moon), Wind Seeker (displays information about the direction of the wind), HyperAltimeter ( displays information about altitudes), and Everywhere (displays information about times across the world).

What brings these apps to life and makes them convenient for photographers, cinematographers, real estate buyers, solar panel installers, and simple Earth enthusiasts is the augmented reality functions within the apps. For instance, when you peer through your camera with Sun seeker, you have a digital overlay of the path that the Sun takes. It also shows where the Sun will rise and set with great accuracy. This is really great, if you are a photographer wanting to know when and where exactly the sun will rise, without having to be a mathematician.

Like most of their apps, when you tap on the app icon, a “flat compass view… showing the solar path, its hour intervals, its equinox, winter and solar solstice paths and rise/set times.” Though you have the option to gain data from the 2-D display, the augmented environment display is much more intuitive and cooler. You can obtain this convenient tool through the Apple Store and Android Store for under $10.

With apps like Sun Seeker and Everywhere, the subsidiary company has been fulfilling it’s promise for “creating apps which provide optimal user experience with a strong emphasis on design and usability.” This holds true for the parent company AjnaWare, which was founded on the objective “to develop products which enhance awareness of self and the surrounding world – as aids towards more enlightened living.”

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