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People-Watching Plus Tech

People-watching has always been a sport. Businesses always seek ways to improve performance, including monitoring and collecting data on employees. Some businesses want to collect data from clients to improve customer satisfaction and experience. Even fanatics of sports, always sought to keep an close eye on their favorite team and player. Whether it’s our personal or public business, we have the need to monitor those involved.

Instant Feedback

It is public knowledge that businesses employ technology that’ll allow them to monitor their employees more closely, to enhance performance or inact corrective actions. Now a new trend is emerging, where employees can monitor their managers actions and provide feedback on their performance. This might be a tough thing for some managers to become accustomed to. General Electric has done their own research when it comes to improving work-ethic. They’ve created an app that managers can use to provide instant feedback. Instead of doing an “annual review performance,” they can instantly correct/praise the action of individual employees by sending them a message through their app “under categories like ‘insight,’ ‘consider’ and ‘continue.'” A interesting way to utilize the smartphone at work. Soon enough you’ll know whether you doing a good job or need improvements from your boss in moments. They may even send you a thumbs up, ensuring you’re on their good side. Pretty cool.

NFL & Zebra Technologies

Well, while we’re talking about new ways managers can give feedback to employees. The NFL is upgrading the way fans interact( or at least keep track) with players on the field. Providing a more in-depth experience. In partnership with Zebra Technologies, some NFL stadiums will place sensors on players pads, providing more data on whether the right pass was made, or if a player is becoming exhausted in a run. It makes me think of VR headsets, that’ll make it possible for at-home fans to the eyes of the players on the field. Fans recieving live-data from the field, will definitely add more depth to the sport. Nice.


It’s cool that managers can provide feedback and fans get live-stream of data from player on the field. But now law enforcement are experimenting with ways they can monitor people under house arrest and track the health status of their officers. They’re looking into the IoT( Internet of Things) phenomenom to provide clearer data. Fusion has delve more deeply in law enforcements vested interest in IoT. Watch out, your fridge maybe keeping dabs on you for the law. I kid.

Company Car Tracker

Speaking of keeping dabs, Dominos is employing gps tracking in their company vehicles. The reason for it, is to provide customers more accurate data on their delivery and learn more about the driver delivering their pizza. What this mean is, you can play the drivers favorite music and put on their favorite sports jersey, to make them more comfortable at your door. Pretty interesting.


If you’re like managers, fans, the law, or pizza franchise and need to keep track of people for your business. Xetal has created a tech that can monitor the people in your household without cameras. This allows you to keep an eye out for your elderly mother or criminal activity that maybe happening at your home, away from home. It’ll alert you via text, of any suspicious activity at home. Started by just two engineers, Francesco Pessolano and Marco Camilli, Xetal seeks to make your home/workplace “smarter, safer, and more comfortable.” The device itself looks safe/easy to employ in your home. Instead of big lenses staring down at you, you can have a slim device tucked in a corner, monitoring the activity at your home. This is definitely a nice add-on for any household or workplace for that matter.

Final Thought

At the end of the day though, people have more ways to monitor each other with the advances in tech. Whether you’re at work or home, someone will have their digital eye on you. Spooky. Well as long as I can continue my people-watching, track my delicious pizza delivery, spy on my favorite player, and sit at the park tracking bodies in my home… I’m fine. The world is definitely shifting in a new direction, in how we interact and keep track of each other. Honestly, sounds like this can usher in the era of “Minority Report.”

Well as always, from Around Your Screen.

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