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Phosphor Games Enters the Virtual Reality Marketplace with Horror Game ‘The Brookhaven Experiment’

Phosphor Games Studio was founded 2009 in Chicago, Illinois, after the collapse of Midway Games(R.I.P.). They have developed titles for the PC, console and mobile devices, as well as delving into the virtual reality experience. Their games feature stunning art and the darker side of things.

The first game produced by Phosphor Games was Space Pop, which was shipped with every Xbox Kinect peripheral. Players main objective was to pop the soap bubbles that where dispensed from the walls.

In order for players to move inside the metallic space cube, they had to physically move forward or backward for their avatars to perform the same function. As well as flap their arms to float upwards or hold them out to the side to stay in place. It was a great and very successful way in showing off the capabilities of the Kinect.

They have also created mobile games for popular TV media, such as HEROES, Man of Steel, WWE and World War Z. WWE Immortals is one impressive title that reinvents popular WWE stars into fantastical and supercharged creatures of destruction. HEROES Reborn mobile game was developed in collaboration with HEROES creator Tim Kring. A console and PC version of this title can be played.

One production that may be their most morally sound game, is critically acclaimed ‘The Path to Luma.’ Featuring an impressive soundtrack produced from world-renowned composer Austin Wintory, players play as the robot SAM, that is tasked with saving abandoned planets from climate change by uncovering clean energy hidden within these planets. Through the players journey you’ll meet mythical creatures, solve inventive puzzles and explore various magnificent environments.

But these games are only the beginning, as the company looks forward to creating new and exciting experiences for immersive interfaces. They’ve recently released “The Brookhaven Experiment.” This is a virtual reality horror game that pits you against horrid creatures from hell. It seems you are the only human alive still fighting these vile demons, and you must close down the portal they have crawled from, for mankind to avoid extinction.

s far as gameplay goes, you are stationary in one spot, utilizing an array of weapons to keep the demons from devouring you. Which means, if you’re easily scared, you may not want to play this game as you will be face to face with some terrifyingly ugly faces. The game is built for the HTC Vive, which can be purchased through Steam for twenty bucks. If you’re into horror games, ‘The Brookhaven Experiment’ is definitely worth checking out.

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