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Playful Corp: Bringing the Full Potential of Virtual Reality Gaming with Lucky Tales for Oculus Rift

In recent years, developers have been trying to figure out how to best utilize Virtual Reality. With the ability to transport people to completely different worlds from the comfort of their own couch is simply, ground-breaking. The truth is, virtual reality provides nearly infinite amount of pixelated space to be utilized by developers, providing more creative freedom for aspiring VR developers.

This brings me to one studio that has been invested in by Oculus and private funders to create next-level games. Paul Bettner, who previously worked for Newtoy (company that created “Words With Friends,” and was acquired by Zynga), started up Playful Corporations in 2012. They have currently produced Creativerse and Oculus bundled game, Lucky Tales.

Creativerse is a non-VR free-to-play game that resembles a lot like Minecraft with blocks making up the world and free-roam adventure gameplay. Once you enter the world, you’ll understand it has it’s own unique style. The avatar you inhabit and creatures throughout the world are cartoony and not blocky; and crafting is much more… fun.

What is also unique about Creativerse, is it’s online public play, which virtually means they take care of the hosting for you so others can jump in and join your world, making it a truly social experience. You can explore the world for lost recipes and battle strange creatures or settle down and build your kingdom. With the free-to-play aspect of the game it something definitely worth checking out at CreativerseGame.com.

The real game for discussion, when it comes to innovative experiences for virtual reality, is Lucky Tales. Lucky Tales is an fully developed platform game created for the Oculus Rift. As Paul Bettner explains, “When we first got together with Oculus, we looked at this platform and realized, all the rules of making games got thrown out the window.”

They’ve definitely renewed the way games are experienced with VR skeptic Joe Durbin explaining that, ” after taking off the headset 15 minutes later, I realized the enormous grin on my face meant I have never been so happy to be wrong.”

What he and others found so exciting about Lucky Tales is sidelines perspective the game employs. Instead of a first-person view through the eyes of Lucky, you have a more omniscient view of the environment. You can pan around and lean into the platform world to explore the beauty of the game, as well as find various characters doing random things, you would not otherwise have seen by just staring at Lucky and rushing through level objectives.

With Lucky Tales playful tone and creative viewing of the world, it makes for a very delightful and anticipated experience with the release of consumer-edition Oculus. You can learn more about Lucky Tales and Creativerse on playfulcorp.com or check out the bundled deal on the Oculus website.

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