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@PlayOsmo Develops Fun Educational Skill Building #AR Applications for Kids

It’s great to see cool applications being developed utilizing augmented reality(AR). AR is proven to have many benefits, but the main one is it’s holography component. Multiple industries, such as production and manufacturing, implements AR to streamline workflow, as well as reduce paperwork and paper manuals when inspecting and operating equipment. AREA has in-depth documentation about this on their website. Though, one industry that is progressively adopting this technology is Education, which can be seen with applications like Quiver. What this really brings me to is Play Osmo.

Play Osmo develops educational gaming AR applications for Apple products(Ipad Mini/Air/Pro/etc.) aimed towards youth ages 4 to 12 years. Or as explained by them, “a unique gaming accessory for the Ipad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays.” Schools can even purchase their products for use in classrooms.

So what are the specifics of Osmo? When purchased, keeping in mind you own a Apple tablet, you’ll receive an starter kit, which includes an Ipad Stand, camera reflector, a set of alphabet tiles and wood tangram shapes. It is a one-time purchase with games free to download. They support languages in Spanish, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, English and other major languages. If you’re worried your kid might accidentally break the base stand, they include a one year warranty, free repair of replacement.

Now for the games. They currently boast 8 games, covering topics such as coding, mathematics, art and business. One cool game parents will definitely find useful is Pizza Co. In order to teach most aspects of business, kids get to run their own pizza franchise. While cooking pizzas, kids learn about facial and body language, while gauging what the customer wants and getting the order right. When it comes to money, they learn basic mathematics, including fractions, to properly invest and grow their own business, essentially being their own boss.

When it comes to developing an working knowledge of computers, Osmo has a game called “Coding.” Through code blocks, kids control “Awbie,” an entertaining creature who loves strawberries. As commands are built with physical blocks, Awbie sets out on a strawberry picking adventure. The game can also be played with friends, bringing that much more fun and interactivity. As stated by Engadget, “Osmo’s blocks are like Lego for coding.”

Both schools and parents can provide entertainment and educational fun for their kids with Play Osmo’s interactive games. Besides simulating an learning environment, their product also helps young people get acquainted with immersive tech, such as Augmented Reality. You can connect with Play Osmo via Twitter @PlayOsmo.

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