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Playside VR: Making a Bang in the Virtual Reality Marketplace with Flagship Game ZR: Zombie Riot

Virtual reality is the new canvas for developers and artists to paint on. It provides another dimension of creativity and interactivity. Needless to say, many have been applying their own VR experiences to the VR marketplace. Many have started-up their own studios for solely contributing to the rise of VR. Some have even made it their duty to create the very first apocalyptic zombie experience for VR.

I’m talking about a imaginative and idealistic studio by the name of PlaySide VR. Playside VR is a fairly new game studio, founded by Playside Studios, for the purpose of producing hi-quality, highly engaging, action-packed virtual reality games. Oculus and Unity has partnered up with them to make this a reality.

They’re entering the marketplace with flagship game “ZR: Zombie Riot.” ZR was made from the ground-up for VR. Placed in a rundown, zombie-ravaged, post-apocalyptic town, your main and only objective is to survive the incoming waves of the glowy-green-eyed undead. But don’t you worry, since you’ll have plenty of tools-of-undead-destruction at your disposal.

By utilizing two handheld controllers, such as the Oculus Touch, you can pick up various weaponry scattered across the environment. To have the right tool for each situation you’ll find yourself in, you can utilize crafting abilities to combine weapons for maximum zombie-killing efficiency. As Playside VR would say, “You have the freedom to handle the undead your way! Take them out in style; Tennis rackets, chainsaw & burning teddy bears blazing.”

ZR : Zombie Riot is planned to be released in fall of 2016, so mark it on your calendar as it is something worth adding to your VR to-do list. If you’re interested in partnering up with PlaysideVR to create next-gen VR experiences or just learning more about them, go ahead and visit PlaysideVR.com.

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