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PocketSight: Augmented Reality Tour Guide App

Exploring and traversing new environments is always a exciting thing to do. Our curiosity is what leads us into the land of the unknown. This can also be a daunting experience. Traveling to a foreign country for the first time, maybe a little uneasy at first. You don’t necessarily know the culture you’ll experience first hand. And because the land is so alien, you end up relying on a tour guider. One problem with that is, sometimes you want to venture off and not be shackled by someone’s shift. At the end of the day, you may find yourself unable to sleep because of the excitement, and want to see what late night activities or cool monuments are around. To be honest, your tour guider may already be home, preparing for their next shift. Even if you were in your homeland, some places can be too foreign, where you wish you had a nifty app to navigate through the unfamiliar landscape.

This is the exact problem that PocketSight is solving. They provide people self-guided tours through a downloadable app. Now this is not a app that takes you to a static page to show you various locations of interest, but rather takes a mixed reality or augmented reality approach, giving you a more immersive experience. Just like most other AR application, it utilizes your camera and GPS to recognize your location, buildings and landscapes in your vicinity. Places of interest, recognized by the PocketSight app, displays a digital box containing interesting and relevant information about that location.

What this means is, if you’re wanting to tour a college of interest to you, you do not necessarily have to sign up for a college tour, especially if you have a tight schedule. You’ll get a personal guide, pointing out different student hangout areas, residence halls, on-campus stores, construction projects, and many other relevant information fulfilling your curiosity. The app can also be used to locate historical monuments and buildings, as well as fascinating rivers & lakes, and wooded areas. Providing you a in-depth insight of the area for you to explore at your leisure.

If you are a administrator of a university, or local business owner, you can sign up with PocketSight. The benefits that PocketSight points out, is that it’s another way to do “local advertising, analytics, visitor engagement and visitor data collection.”  As well as providing people another location to explore. Essentially if you own a restaurant, people touring your area can, at a glimpse, see the specials your restaurant is offering. In turn, increasing traffic to your business. The augmented reality component of the app gives people a more immersive experience of the environment they are in, bringing your business to the forefront. But it’s not just for businesses, but also for non-profits, museums and other organizations (group of people with a particular purpose). This is a great way for your organization or society to enter the Mixed Reality/AR scene.

The ingenious team behind PocketSight is based in Ithaca, New York and consist of Anthony Costa( Co-Founder, Development), Allen Ward(Co-Founder, Business Development), Stefanie Pinsley(Marketing), Jake Mandich(Sales, Marketing), and Neil O’Donnell( Board or Directors). With these minds working in concert, they are bringing mixed reality tourism to the masses.

To help them with this journey, they acquired SideGuide. SideGuide was created to solve the problem of not being able to accommodate all of the prospective students, looking to attend John Hopkins. To solve this dilemma, SideGuide’s Chief Executive Officer, Ian Han, “along with co-founders and fellow Hopkins-affiliates Neil O’ Donnel and Clayton Minicus, approached Johns Hopkins admissions… and without hesitation they said ‘Absolutely’.” Bringing this concept to reality, allowing students who cannot make the scheduled campus tour, to explore the campus on their own. Now with SideGuide in partnership with PocketSight, they are able to bring relief to prospective students on tight schedules.

In short, PocketSight utilizes location tracking and augmented reality capabilities to provide people a way to interact with the world around them in a more immersive way. If your haven’t yet, go ahead and check out PocketSight.

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