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Popular Game Studio Zynga Re-Creates their Game ‘Mountain Goat Mountain’ for Virtual Reality


It is understandable that since the advent of virtual reality, many game development studios wondered about how their two-D games could be re-created for VR. Just recently, Mythical City Games announced their plans to bring Battle Fleet 2 to VR, by re-imagining it as a table-top game. Since it is a turn-based game with fog-of-war enabled, it does make since for the player to have a over-head third-person-view as if they were playing a board -game.

Another studio, by the name of Zynga, has released their own version of their two-D games. If you ever played Farmville, Matching with Friends or Crazy Cake Shop, then you’ve played one of their games. Though they have over 20 games in their portfolio, there is one game that was handpicked for virtual reality.

Mountain Goat Mountain takes place on a mountain side, with a very simple objective: try to reach the top of the mountain. Put into another words from VRFocus, “Taking its cues from Q*Bert, Mountain Goat Mountain sees the player in direct control of a mountain goat as it tries to ascend a cube-based mountain.”

Though reaching the top, is not as simple as pressing the jump button, as you must navigate to the top without being smashed by boulders, drowning in water, being struck by lightning or having the ground beneath you crumble right before your eyes. The more cubes you ascend, the higher score you’ll obtain before eventually dying from one of these colorful scenarios.

Now you can experience the joys of being a mountain goat on the Oculus Rift. Being a game originally made for app download on the smartphone, it definitely utilizes space and depth that VR interfaces has to offer. Also, it is one of the first VR games to implement a ad monetization solution for VR games, which definitely does not come across as intrusive or disruptive to the gaming experience.

If you own an Oculus Rift, go take the risk and download Mountain Goat Mountain for free. If you are interested about the studio, visit their website or connect with them on Twitter @Zynga.

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