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Psyop: Leader in Inventive Storytelling, Animation and CG Development

When it comes to entertaining advertisements and inventive storytelling techniques, Psyop is definitely a company to look at and admire. Psyop is a leading animations studio with one simple goal in mind: “To Persuade Change & Influence” If you’ve see any of the Clash of Clans advertisements, you are looking at their handy work. If you’ve seen the Lay’s commercial with Mr. and Mrs. PotatoHead, you’ve seen their work. If you’ve heard of “Hail, Caesar!” (Starring George Clooney), Mozart in the Jungle or Zoolander 2, their works in it.

The point is, they are a major influence in development of CG effects and animations, which you’ve have undoubtedly came across. Since Psyop’s start in 2000 and a team with multiple decades of experience, Psyop has developed a impressive portfolio with leading companies. Companies that include Oreo, Estee Lauder, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Otto and Sesame Street, to name a few. Their work has also been showcased at Super Bowl 2016.
Through successful projects and relationships with their clients, Psyop took the initiative in 2014, led by Jill Gilbert, to create their own brand of original content. These original projects went on to continued development with Sony Pictures and have been launched into a online series with DreamWorks.

“Grandma’s Cats Are Trying To Kill Her!” is one entertaining animation series, produced from Psyop’s original lab. As stated by them, “Similar to the never-ending battle of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, we’re sure to see an incredible variety of nefarious plans put into action as the cats continue to chase their dastardly goal.” If you haven’t seen, you’d have to check it out for yourself.

Psyop’s has also pursued independent game development, which is executed by Rocco Scandisso (Executive Producer), Matt Wilkinson (Head of Tech) and Christian Cantamessa (Lead Writer & Designer). The studio has produced Moving Hazard, Project Advena and Kismet.

Moving Hazard is a creative zombie-shooter game that allows players to manipulate zombies to take out the rival group. You can utilize the chaos grenade to stun enemies and frenzy zombies towards them or the Pheromone Attractor Molotov to set a onslaught of zombies on your rival. The game is creative visually, with explosive colors and detailed arenas.

Project Advena is more story-driven, where you enter the story of a freighter pilot. In a post-apocalyptic-ish world with little resources and dangerous environments, the fighter must journey to a far-out beacon while battling his inner demons. Through this colorful world, you’ll meet strange creatures and dive into a fascinating story.

Now Psyop’s has delved into the mixed reality realm, to create one-of-a-kind experiences for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. They’ve created an immersive Clash of Clans ad, which can be seen on YouTube and Samsung Galaxy 11 World Cup campaign, where players can “strap into an inter-planetary rocket, and blast off to the final match of the series.”

But the one game, that will have greater appeal for passive gameplay, is Kismet. If you have a keen interest for fortune-telling or the mysterious, this is a VR game that will definitely appeal to you. You take a seat at a table, with a enchanted automaton on the other end, who can see the future. Tarot cards are placed on the table, that has animated creatures within them. This is to reveal your destiny. You can also learn more about your astrological symbol and receive a horoscope at the end of the session. If you’re feeling competitive, you can play an ancient Babylonian game of Ur. You can learn about Kismet at kismetvr.com.

Psyop’s has definitely secured a footing in the entertainment and advertising industry. With their skills being used to create inventive virtual reality experiences for immersive interfaces, they will be securing a footing in the mixed reality industry.

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